Bonamego is a bottom fourth ST coordinator

He is a bad coach, looking at that career stat.

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Is it really Bonermago’s fault that Agnew can’t hang onto the ball and Prater missed a FG?..not really. But yeah, I’m not defending Bonermago, I’m just saying.

Has there been a team that has returned a kick or punt return for a TD yet? Just sayin… There’s been a lot of flags thrown on special teams across the league.

I’m ready to let him go now. This hire never made sense in the first place. Dude is, and always was…awful!

Doesn’t feel like it would take much effort to upgrade from him.

So far so good. A

Today, so far, okay…

Dude needs to go - now.
bad hire in the first place. Was the first thing I saw that made me question Patricia/Quinn.

He’s bad. He’s always been bad. He’s going to cost us games.

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A blocked punt and now a blocked FG. Something is wrong.