Brad holmes bringing garbage Geoff who doesnt fit with campbell make no sense

Even campbell is challenging a highly paid non dual threat qb now.Why homles brought a liability qb for an extra pick?I would have been fine getting one first rd pick for stafford and not taking geoff/ his high paid salary.I was telling for years to get my dual threat qb.We have a bad team and why we are playing a high paid non skilled qb who dont deserve that money.Holmes doesn’t look convincing to me especially misbehaving in draft room in front of the lady owner, his pick doesnt look legit also.Campbell looks sensible to me

You need to look at the whole picture an not be so narrow with vison.
Example Lions release Goff before March 19 in 2023 the cap hit will be 10 million POTENTIAL OUT: 2023 , $10,000,000 DEAD CAP
They do this is he doesn’t work out.
They will have a experienced young QB playing an they hope works out if he doesn’t they move on .

Your still going to pay big money for a fair QB who likely will not win anymore games.

I think depending on draft we take QB in 2022 an Goff is traded if possible next year an history in 2023 or traded

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I thought the same thing after the game, Then come to find out WR running wrong routes, Hard to hit a player who you think is running one way and runs the other


Apparently Yupongitis is a spreadable disease.


You do realize who you’re responding to, don’t you?



A flute without holes is not a flute…but a donut without holes is a danish


“A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you dislike”!

“never eat spinach with a stranger”

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If he only wants breasts, legs and thighs… send him to KFC!

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ESPNbaby wants to brag because he put a puzzle together in less than 2 days…and the box said 2-4 years.


Those four pieces were a true struggle to figure out….

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Are they like the Dutch?
austin powers GIF


Keep this going.

Affirms why we GTFO of Michigan.


Van VanVanderVaan will be very disappointed in you.


Who’s this Geoff you speak of?

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Geoff Schwartz maybe.

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Duh. Who the F wears wooden shoes anyway.