Brad Holmes in Pasedena scouting Thibodeaux

Saw this on the detroitlionsfanpage Instagram account which is usually really reliable. The account didn’t cite a source though, so don’t take this as 100%.

But if it is true, which it probably is, then I’m happy they recognize the talent Thibodeaux has and aren’t going to rush a QB.

Here’s a link if anyone wants it…


They’d be insane to take any QB in this draft over Thibodeaux. Big game for him and his team today, hope he makes a statement.


Also scouts were in Pittsburgh scouting Kenny Pickett and others today for the Clemson game.

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He has at least 2 sacks as of now. Man, we need a game wrecker like him badly.


And keep in mind that he’s hobbled pretty badly. It also shows character that he’s playing hurt when he could easily sit out for the sake of his pro career.

Huge but still has quickness, moves and bend like a Von Miller. I’m impressed.


Game wrecking player possible #1OA pick also seems like a good dude


Thanks for this. We’re out and about, and I haven’t seen any of the game aside from a score update.

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UCLA has for the most part done a decent job scheming around him. But no doubt he’s a force. I think he finished with 2 sacks a FF 4.5 TFLs and a ton of pressures. All on an ankle that is still obviously sore


I think Field Yates is pretty respectable source.

And he had a freaking day too.

Don’t think anyone takes a QB over him.


He did all that on a high ankle sprain. Dude is a game wrecker. Would love to come up with this dude at #1 and Kenny Pickett with our second pick if possible lol.

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Yea ok

Kenny Pickett is a fun player to watch. Don’t know about the first but if they believe and go that route with the Rams pick I could get behind it. He’s got some it factor for sure. And he’s the antithesis of a Goff outside of the small hands.

He’s also an entertainer. GREAT personality and a good kid to boot. He could easily be that rare defensive player that can be a legit face of the franchise.

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Which of course is red flag a certain RB had but he still went in the top 5 of the draft to the Jags.

smallest hands in the history of starting QBs. dude has to wear gloves just to grip the football. Question is Kenny hang onto the ball

Have you watched him though? It’s pretty interesting. He plays differently. He plays in a compensatory manner. The amount of time he keeps two hands on the ball is unique. Even with the plays on the move he does it with two hands. But he still keeps the ball up high and near his arm circle. I mean he’s gonna fumble more in the pocket but I do think he’s conscientious of his hands and adjusted his game accordingly.

He’s also a hell of an athlete. Arm? IDK. Fringy but could work.

He needs to work on strength.
My brother is 6 ft 4, and I’m 5 ft 8. We both have large hands for the size human we are. I could always palm a ball better than him, despite his hands being much larger. I could palm a ball offf the dribble with either hand.

Somebody buy Goff some hand grips. No more limp fish handshakes. build the strength up!


I was talking about Pickett not Goff. Pickett is a pretty strong guy.

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