Brad Holmes Mock 1.0

My source inside Allen Park leaked me the script. This what it looks like:

  1. Cooper DeJean DB- Elite playmaker. The Christian McCaffrey of CBs. Vicious tackler for a CB. Elite Special teams player… Gunner and Returner. Elite playmaker with ball skills on defense. Has played S as well as CB. He falls in the draft because of injury & hip tightness he’s not a “glider” that can change direction like a figure skater…but he’s explosive. Big, Strong, Fast, Humble. He slides right in day 1 as the “6th” man of the secondary… but the future is bright. Teammates Laporta & Campbell call him special.
    And he’s coming off injury, Brad cannot pass up this opportunity. Think Gym Shorts & Jahvid Best.

Lions trade pick #61 +5th rounder to DAK for pick #56 +7th

  1. Cooper Beebe LG - 2year captain K State. Almost identical measurables as Austin Powers-Johnson whom everyone wants round 1 now. Except more explosive in the broad jump, lower body strength. Has played RT, LT, and LG. Moneyball Brad - Think Laporta instead of Hock when you see Beebe instead of Jonah. Plug n Play Guard like Warford, Jonah, Hartings, etc. Guy is built like an anvil, thickness. He will need some agility work for the pulling/trapping. But, this guy isn’t going to get bull rushed in pass protection. Gives Goff the ability to step up in the clean pocket. Think MCDC/Sean Payton with them Drew Brees OL.
    Drafted same spot O’Cyrus Torrence was last year.

Lions trade Hockpick #73 + 6A to Green Bay for #88 & #126

Lions trade #88 +6B to Washington for #100 & #139

After double trade down of Hock Pick 2 years in a row…Lions have the last pick on Friday night. Fans are hammered, going crazy.

  1. Ruke Orhorhro DT/3T - like last year’s Clemson LB who tested well Trent Simpson, he falls to late 3rd even though mock community has him as 2nd rounder. Ruke is a hometown kid, River Rouge recruited, stud bball player Nigerian roots like the Okwara bros. With McNeil & Levi both UFA next year, this spot is a need. Just like BroMart late round 3 NT, Ruke is raw. A Lean 295 pounds, has the skillset/athleticsm to develop into a serious threat inside as a pass rusher. Player comped to Justin Madbuike fellow 3rd rounder. Explosive closes quick.

  2. Brendan Rice xWR - Lions need a WR, Brad waits until round 4 to get the kid from USC. Sound familiar? This time around it’s Jerry Rice son. Jerry F*n Rice son. That’s it, enough said. St Brown and Jerry Rice in the same sentence BOOM.

  3. Kamara or Brennan Jackson DE - 5thyear/6th year Seniors Colorado St & Wash St, older prospects. Postive for us as we need a “ready-now” edge threat. Kamara is built like Derrick Barnes, with long arms. Bren Jackson is built like former lion LoJackson from USC. 30 sacks for Kamara last 3 years, 20 sack for Brennan. A ton of pressure from both.

7A) Kicker

7B) Swing Tackle, or Special teams LB/S or QB3 Devin Leary


Round 7 Targets-
K - Reichard or Karty

LB- Barrett

S- Vaki

OT- Crum

I have mixed feelings on Cooper Beebe from watching youtube analysis (not film). Ive seen a few guys who werent that high on him (in the 1st 3 rounds)

Other than that i love the guys you took. Id be SHOCKED if Dejean made it to 29 or if Ruke made it even to our 2nd rounder. But i would do a happy dance if got those two. That would mean we carry 5 DTs on the roster. Rice as a 4th round pick is good value… plus it would bring Jerry Rice around our WR room! Big Mohammed is a fun pick in the 5th due to his local ties but id be surprized because we already have a 6’ tall pass rushing specialist in James Houston. (Still doesnt stop me from taking him at the same pick in mocks but im not Brad).

I think we end up using our 5th or a 6th on a kicker because i think the few available will be gone by our pick in the 7th.

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the greatest OL talent evaluator. I just like the big bad bullies that dominate. When they test well and are team captains, it makes the decision easy especially when they’ve been good at multiple positions.

I wasn’t aware of Mo Kamara ties to Detroit? His shortness with long arms is actually a good thing with James Houston we can play the leverage game since our other 4 DE are monsters.

You nailed it - Jerry F’n Rice around our locker room. Pure Gold.

Brendan Rice or Kicker like you mentioned… I would be all for trading a 7th this year and 5th next year to go up in the round 5 to get a Kicker of our choice . Same for Rice…if we gotta trade a 5th this year and 4th next year (we have muliple) I’m all for it. We did that for Barnes a few years back

Since you are controlling where guys get drafted why trade up five spots for Beebe? Just use God mode to push him down five more spots. Don’t just waste your imaginary draft capital like that.


I think we will. We had a total of 11 DL guys on our opening day roster in 2023, including DTs Alim, BroMart, Buggs, Benito Jones, and Levi Onwuzurike.

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That is literally the defintion of a mock draft lol

Bucs are notorious at stealing elite OL talent late round 2. Zuttah, Ali Marpet, Donovan Smith. Last 2 years they took Mauch RG and Goedeke RT round 2. Plus I’m still pissed they snatched Lavonte David. So we jump them since they have a big hole at LG

If Cooper DeJean is still there at #29, Brad is going to get scolded by the league again.

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I have so many of these it’s stupid :laughing:

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I can’t believe I am going to say this but please draft a kicker. I want to go back to Lions days when a field goal was damn near automatic.

I mean what position does cooper de jean play in our defense though? It seems like he would just compete with Brian branches for reps when we really need a solid starter on the outside or at safety. Not a roamer we have that in branch and iffy already.

6th man year 1 and ST

CB or S year 2

Not nickel

Dude could probably play offense also


He’s feel like jack Campbell to me. A luxury. But if he’s BPA and fits the mold then go for it

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With the #247 pick of the 2024 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select: The Thiccr Kicker, Harrison Mavis, Missouri

If he is there at 29 an there is no red flags as to why he would be hard to not take. When you can play way he can you find ways to use him. I doubt he is there at 29.


Thx @Jman !!

I kind of downgraded Beebe because he didn’t seem like the OL’s we need. Not great in space. Though was surprised by his testing, so don’t know what to think. If the staff likes him I’m all in… DeJean is just good at football, he’ll find a position. I’m thinking he could very well beat out Kerby, who after his domination of Rogers, hasn’t exactly lit it up.

After FA, DeJean makes more sense, though its a long range pick rather than a 2024 pick.

Still, I think OL/DB makes more sense than DB/OL. Barton or esp Fautanu if he slips in R1. Both have more position versatility than Beebe.

Only guy I don’t like is the DT. But, after much consternation, I will be willing to defer to Brad and his staff :laughing:.

Jerry f-ing Rice is right!

I’m out of the loop, and no longer paying attention to the draft, so when you mentioned Jerry’s kid, the light bulb went off in my head like a lightning strike.
I will now have one and only one mock, and it will contain our 3rd round pick being used on Jerry Jr, and no other picks being used. the fit is better then a glove.

Don’t worry…:

Beene will be. LION…SEE

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