Brad Holmes on What He Saw in Cooper Kupp (Aman Ra St. Brown Relevance)

Here is an article on what Brad saw from Cooper Kupp. Game speed not 40 speed. Aman Ra and Cephus are probably in the same boat here and it’s one of the small ways that a great GM can see beyond the 40 times.


Brad Holmes shares story of Cooper Kupp’s emergence at 2017 Senior Bowl

Cameron DaSilva
June 14, 2021 6:14 am PT

Lions GM Brad Holmes, who was formerly the Rams’ director of college scouting from 2013-2020, shared a story of how Kupp stood out at the Senior Bowl in 2017, which really caught the Rams’ eye. His testing numbers weren’t the best, but he was uncoverable at the Senior Bowl and his GPS time was the fastest in Mobile.

“I’ve told the Cooper Kupp story — that’s more of cognitive bias, in terms of just every time you saw him play football, the guy was good, you liked him. But I remember we saw him at the Senior Bowl, he was the best player on the field. Nobody can cover this dude. He looked explosive. And his shuttle and all that kind of reflected that, but his 40 time was in the 4.6s. He did it at the combine and at the pro day, so the last thing in your head was that 4.6,” Holmes told Chris Burke of The Athletic.

“But, I’ll never forget, it came out that his GPS time at the Senior Bowl was the fastest. So, it’s like, “OK, now that makes sense.” But it was because he was playing football. He looked fast, he looked explosive on the football field. In tights, on that Eastern Washington track, it didn’t look fast.”

Kupp doesn’t win with his speed on the field. That’s not his forte. He gets open because he’s a precise route runner who knows how to set up defensive backs from the slot. And after the catch, he’s difficult to bring down, displaying excellent balance, vision and quickness to avoid tacklers.

As a third-round pick, Kupp has been a certified steal for the Rams. If not for injuries, he’d very likely have three consecutive 1,000-yard seasons already to go along with his 24 touchdowns in just four years.

Kupp is a perfect example of the Rams looking past drills such as the 40-yard dash to identify guys who play faster or are more explosive on the field than they do on the track.


My affinity for St. Brown is well documented. I’m not one that pays too much attention to “combine type” numbers, as I’d rather have a football player than an athlete (in most cases). ARSB is a football player! Goes hard, finds holes (insert Michael Scott GIF), big play knack, clutch, fights and scraps, blocks, shows on-field imagination during plays. I have a REALLY good feeling about him! For the record, I had similar feelings for Mike Williams, so yeah… let’s hope this one goes a little better.


And he did it with the 31st ranked QB in the league throwing to him. Lol

(based on Chrissy Simms ratings)


Well thanks for ruining my day with that little trip down memory lane lol

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ironic I was advocating for us drafting Kupp back then…

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Believe me, there aren’t many out there more embarrassed and ashamed by that pick than I am .

Nuh uh. It was McVey bloodbending Goff who was simply a helpless conduit

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I don’t know what I expected from this board today but I know it wasn’t an Avatar the Last Airbender reference. Nicely done.

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