Brad is a genius until you don't think he is?

How quickly Brad goes from GOAT to … goat.

For the most part, Gibbs and Campbell were first-round talents. Was there some grey area? Sure. But c’mon. It’s the first round. Of course there is. Some of you geniuses wanted Nolan Smith at pick 6 and he fell to 30. Is that because 24 teams should’ve hired you as a GM? Good lord. How many times have the Patriots taken a guy in the first round and were panned, and yet they’re sitting on a thousand Super Bowl trophies?

And by the way, I’ve been among the few willing to criticize Brad before the draft, so don’t come at me as though I’m drinking kool-aid.

I’ll be the first to say I was deflated during round 1. Part of that was because my son, an Eagles fan, was sitting two feet from me, celebrating their picks.

But then it occurred to me that he wasn’t celebrating the success of those picks. He was celebrating what a bunch of fake GMs have been posting for months. He was celebrating … what mock drafts convinced him was true. That is the kool-aid.

Yes, you can be critical of the selections yesterday, so long as those criticisms acknowledge the fact our brains have been pickled by pure, unadulterated, and in most cases, uninformed noise, for months.

Be critical of Brad AND his selections if these guys bust and we don’t win.


This is why I typically don’t choose to get too involved in the whole mock draft mania. When the pics happen, I try to understand the pic based on what was going on. This draft was crazy. Everybody knew it go in. It certainly was not what I expected with the Gibbs pick, but I laid out my thought process in another thread as well.


Logan Mankins probably being the most criticized one

In Brad I trust


In brad i trust


Last night I wondered if Detroit was thrown off its game by Witherspoon getting plucked early.

But then I kept thinking about Brad hammering the table with the Gibbs pick.

Brad got his guy.

Dan got his.

Let’s roll.


No, I still think he’s a Villan.
I absolutely love the Gibbs pick. I never in a million years expected it, but, I love it.
I hoped we would get Jack Campbell, too. Now, people seem pissed that Barnes role will be diminished. Doesn’t that mean we got better?
I mean, Brad told us just a few days ago that nobody regretted taking Gurley in the first round.
Some folks listen with their ears closed.


Wanting him vs thinking that’s what Brad would do is 2 different things.

At the Patriots were notoriously shit drafters

They had Tom Brady that masked all that tho

How quickly they are the worst in their Division all of a sudden

Tampa will soon follow

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This is incredible weird and unfair. Should we just not have opinions? Turn the entire forum for 4 months of draft discussion into “Let’s not discuss anything or have opinions on player value, let’s just wait until Brad makes picks and be happy.” And then “Let’s not have opinions on players drafted for 3 years until we see if they perform or not?”

It’s incredibly fair to be disappointed with the first round of this draft if you prescribe to the data points that taking a RB and off-ball LB is generally a pretty risky proposition.


Thank goodness this appears to have never been a serious debate:

Would not have been happy if the Lions had drafted any of these QBs.


I feel much better about the Gibbs pick after sleeping on it! I had no problem with the Campbell pick.

Gibbs is a home run difference maker that’s gonna be a monster in the Ben Johnson offense!

In Brad I trust……


Do you bro I like reading your stuff
I’m wrong a lot too

But I’m right a lot too

That’s the fun of it man that’s why we here!


It’s the same thing for most people.

You want someone because he was “mocked” early, and that fuels what you think Brad would do. And when that thing doesn’t happened, anger.

That’s all this is.

There are no NFL scouts on this forum.

Everything is an internet popularity contest.


Also, there were a ton of rumors to substantiate the Lions belief that Gibbs and Campbell wouldn’t last long. Especially Gibbs, who apparently Washington and New England wanted.

Do we think Brad looked at his board, based on all of the scouting, and got discouraged because had those players in the second? C’mon.

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Looks like homerism defending our holy one to me

Nobody had Nolan Smith mocked early when i pegged him for us.

He was consistently a teens guy - 20s

That’s where he went.

I shoulda over drafted Gibbs so I coulda said I told you so!!!

On a very basic level one of the keys to drafting well is hitting on picks. I think we just did so twice. Positional value will have issue with our approach and their take is totally rational.


LOL… it’s the same scenario every year. Initial projections are based on reading way too many draft sites. Then, many expect the draft to roll out just like they read it would.
Then, feelings of anger or disappointment after being emotionally vested in a certain outcome.
It’s impossible to predict at least 70% of this stuff.
Rinse, lather, and repeat every year.


If you think I’m a Brad homer, you haven’t been reading me for the last year.

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I know I haven’t because you guys left me behind for years !!!

Glad to be back I love this place man

Just as much when we all disagree the same when we all agree . Honestly that’s the beauty of it

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So far, I couldn’t get more wrong about this draft, and I’m absolutely thrilled to have been so wrong!
Maybe I’ll be right about Tillman and Dexter? Then again, if I’m wrong the same way, I’ll be even more thrilled.
There are 4 players left with a first round grade, and we have the 3rd pick. You gotta love where we are at today.