Brad’s Drafts… am I wrong?

A bit of a reality check….

Amon Ra

That’s 7 players… and we can include Barnes or Kerby if you’d like but they are both sub 59.9 rated guys ytd and neither was 70 plus last year….

Now we can also factor that we had Hock, Swift, and Okudah under team control and tossed them to essentially replace them in the draft this year with LaPorta, Gibbs, and Branch- yes I know branch plays a different position….

That really means we’ve “netted” Hutch, McNeill, ASB, and Sewell over the past 3 drafts-

Consider Holmes had


Had he not made ANY other trades after Stafford demanded a trade-

Yes we are in first… yes there is a lot of season left- yes Holmes has done a nice job overall-



  • at best we salvage one plus level starter here

J Campbell

  • this group has shown serious flashes, but injuries, inconsistencies, and frustrations by coaching have plagued this group and it’s hard to believe more than 2 become true plus level starters.

Bro Mart

  • we hopefully have a starting NT, backup QB under cheap deal that can Minshew or Walker some games, and a useful starter.

  • if we go 11-6 with this schedule- and guys like Kerby, Barnes, Rodrigo, Paschal, Houston and Jamo can’t be consistent playmakers and or beat out Comish, Buggs, Okwara, then do we re-assess brads drafts a bit?

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No with most , Holmes could draft punter in the 1st Rd and 1/2 this place would say in “brad we trust”. I think Brad has been good but definitely some misses and head scratchers too. Get ready to be ripped apart for suggesting he isn’t perfect.

Get ready for 15 post that were 5-2 and we beat the Champions KC Chiefs


I know. lol

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Can you give us examples of gm’s that had considerably better drafts than us the past 3 years?

Sure there is some misses but you can say that with every single team. Overall I would say his drafts have been well above average.


I have had this exact post in drafts many times but I knew the reaction I’d get. This is more of a Campbell 5-2 than a Holmes 5-2. Very well coached team. But like you said Holmes drafts have not been great. Stole AmonRa. Hutch and Sewell were no brainers. He has done nothing great on DL. He tried like hell at DB and we can’t blame him for injuries. Overall he’s been OK. He’s not on Roseman levels though. Let’s see what happens in the next 175 hours…if he fails to add on its clear he’s either “staying the course” or doesn’t really believe this team is close. If he does stay the course I really hope his drafting improves. He’s gotten some decent depth players but the roster still lacks real top end talent.
I’m not calling for his head or anything. He’s the best GM we’ve had. That’s like saying drinking water is better than drinking sand.


I def think there has been whiffs (Levi)

But i do believe it takes another year till we can safely grade drafts

But as others said, lets look at how other teams have drafted from 2021 till now, and then we compare

This is crazy after every loss people say he is not a good GM . Then we win 3 or 4 in a row and everybody talks about how great he is . I think our fan base is a little manic


This is why I go away for years at a time


But you have to consider what we did with the 17M we aren’t paying Hockenson to make that fair.

So add Sutton and Montgomery to that.

Also I’m putting Kerby in that first group.

And also you have to take into consideration that he took Branch and LaPorta instead of someone else and say Michael Mayer or Darnell Washington. Replacing guys might not seem like it has a net gain to it, but being able to do it consistently is the sign of a good GM.


But we are 5-2 and beat the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs! (Drops mic, ducks, and crawls out of the room)


What’s crazy is this is what you come up with. All I see is people saying he wasn’t perfect and has some misses. Then guys like you turn it to he is not a good GM. Show me one person who said that .


Please feel free to re-visit in 2026. Smell ya later. You can polish your bronze statue of Brad Holmes while we await your next enlightened post.

Please name me one gm who hasn’t had head scratchers?

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You did not beat the superbowl champs , KC never won a Superbowl without Jones Kelece and Maholmes all playing. This is very much a false statement. It’s like saying I beat up Mike Tyson in a body cast.
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Please explain to me how that’s even a argument. Show me a poster who said that. It doesn’t change the fact that he has some.

If we didn’t really beat K.C. because they didn’t have Kelce than the Ravens didn’t really beat us because we didn’t have Montgomery.


Why must this board question everything after a loss? The only questioning that should be going on is the posters themselves for being so irrational. Take a breath and realize it’s not the end of the world.


Lol who said it was the end of the world you need to take a breath your making shit up. It’s normal to talk about good and bad on a message board. And it wasn’t just a loss it was a total beat down , the team didn’t show up in any phaze of the game. And talking about it is normal.

Damm dude they didn’t beat a healthy Lions team. And we didn’t beat the Superbowl champs because both them teams had Kelece and Jones. We beat the KC Chiefs but we didn’t beat the same team that won the Superbowl.
I don’t know if we win the Ravens game or not but if we were fully healthy we don’t take a beating like that .

It’s funny some including my self said when Jacobs got ruled out this team was toast. Miss certain players does change the game.


honestly idk even if we are healthy if we win that game

As ive said earlier, feels like there are 2 games a year where the team comes in and gets their ass handed to them

Carolina and New England last year

Ravens so far this year (People will point at Seattle, but they atleast played well for a solid chunk of it)

you see it when it happends, right out of the gate, they get a big ass play off and you know shits about to hit the fan

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