Bradlee Anae stock is rising

Since the senior bowl this kid has been getting a lot of attention. Looking like he could go a lot higher than mock draft experts are predicting.

Yep. I was surprised more of you mockers here weren’t penciling him in at #35 for us.

The thing that keeps me from proclaiming him as our 2nd round pick is his arm length. Watching film on the Lions you can see just how fundamental one-arming a blocker is to this defense. Kennard, Flowers, Hand, Strong Jr… they can all stand their blocks up with a single arm. That’s “length” in action. A scouting report I had seen on Anae said that was a weakness of his.

BTW, one of the 1st round Edge players was just praised for that trait. Wish I could remember which.

For me there are a lot of players I like better at 35 and I don’t think he makes it to round 3.

Chaisson would be my guess. He’s really good at using his hands and length. That’s one of the reasons I like him. I really think he’s underrated due to his lack of production at LSU. Injuries set him back. He’s just scratching the surface and has a big upside. In a way he reminds me of Ziggy. Ziggy was drafted top 5 solely on his potential. I think Chaisson goes higher than people think and it’s because of his potential.

Speaking of edge guys who don’t have length Zack Baun. I like a lot about the kid but that’s the biggest concern about him for me. He uses his hands well but his arm length looks to be the concern. I think he’s a possibility in round 3.

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Now he’s messing with a twitter troll and mocking Burrows at the same time. For those of you who don’t get the joke. Burrows tweeted he was retiring due to his small hand size. In response to everyone making a big deal about his small hands.