Bradley roby

Should the lions try and make a trade for roby? He’s only 30 and is a solid starter. His cap hit this year is just over $1m. He’s a free agent after the season so we could likely get him for a lower round pick. He’s buried on the depth chart of a very talented Saints defense. I’d say it’s worth a phone call if I’m brad Holmes.

Under contract through 2024

2022 - $1.1
2023 - $3.5
2024 - $3.5

Those aren’t bad numbers for a solid starting corner.

Thanks for the contract correction.

Saints just restructured him in March… so I don’t think they are looking to move him.


At whose expense? Think the idea is to develop and cultivate our own young talent. To me that move would be something you do when your closer to contending for a division and you have a lot of proven pieces…….

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