Brads presser tonight

Around 9:30 minutes


Thing about this dude is that whenever he speaks about draft picks it is with thorough background knowledge.


There’s a whole lot to love about this dude. I know you superficial types are gonna have trouble getting past the handsomeness (not saying it doesn’t matter), but I most love how he speaks of the coaches.
“we’re fortunate enough to get AG for another year”
“they did an amazing job of bringing them a long way in a short period of time last year”
“Dan Campbell is special” (different interview, not this one). I absolutely love Brad and Dan.

The culture fits are amazing. The bottom and the top of the roster are improving. We will be cutting and trading high quality players in the very near future. Can’t keep 'em all.


I really thought he was gone this year, shocked me he didnt get more play. I think there’s true comradery and a common goal shared by all of them. Hard Knocks will shed more truth on that statement IMO. Y’all ever been at a job or part of a team where it becomes more about everyone else than just you? It’s an amazing feeling, and it’s what that group is starting to project. Not saying AG wont move on, but if the job isn’t COMPLETELY finished, he may just be here longer than we think.


I hope you’re right, brother. I think a HC job would be such a massive pay raise for him though…tough to turn that down.

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Sheila has done a fantastic job! She’s humble enough to go get the help she needed from people she knew she could trust. Former Lions players. Barry, and especially Chris, and they’ve put together the best management TEAM this (NFL) town has ever seen.
Quik, when was the last time the Detroit Lions GM was considered a Rock Star?
The coaching staff is littered with NFL players, and Aubrey Pleasant!
Now, we have a complete TEAM.
I’m stoked!


It does talk, always has, but there are times in our lives where other things take precedence. I wouldn’t blame him either way, he’s helped lay the foundation. All i could ask.


I’m with you, brother. Love our NEW ownership. Most people don’t see it that way, but I do. Sheila has been amazing.


Well said Frog!

I really like this man! BH has my trust. There were times I wished for one player or another, but I am very happy with how this guy has worked out this far in Detroit!


I think we got 3 starters from this draft in our first three picks. The more I read and see with Pashcal I think this guy could be a real asset to our defense equal to what we expect from Hutch.

Also too he mentioned Dorsey a couple times in that interview, sure didn’t sound like he was on his way out.

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