Brady back to TB

I wonder what Tampa promised him. Or if he’s coming back to collect his $$$ (Seems unlikely).

Big trade in the works at receiver?



That was too predictable. As Bugs Bunny would say… what a maroon.

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I feel like Gronk drops in production too. It’ll be interesting.

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With all due respect to Brady, if LA doesn’t forget how to hold onto a football, they get blasted by at least 3 touchdowns — AT HOME.

Not sure how that changes in 2022/23.

That said, it certainly makes the NFC more interesting.


Well, he’s still got Godwin and Evans! 2 studs. Now he’s gotta convince Gronk to come back.


Im sure hes coming back.

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For sure, and Brady will start recruiting some more players now as well. It’s what he does.

Peyton carried a lot of guys in his career. Jeff Saturday wouldn’t be any more relevant than Dominic Raiola without Peyton. So I think it was only fitting that his teammates carried him just 1 time. I love the guy. No bad will from me. But he was shit.


Didnt one of his oline players retire? Im not sure how they have money.

He was injured.
He had a partial tear of his right plantar fascitis… which more painful to play on than a fully torn one.

It happened to be his right foot… making it painful to drive of his plant foot on every throw… game or practice.

For a guy that had already lost significant strength in his arm because of his neck injury…. it is understandable that he couldn’t get much velocity on the ball with a bad right hoof.

Tampa had a lot of injuries though.

With that said, the Rams are still the favorite. The NFC is trash.

You’d retire too if Brady was leaving. That O-lineman is just waiting for Brady’s name to light up his phone. Ali will be back soon! haha

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Interestingly, TB filed retirement papers on Marpet, never filed them for Brady.


They have quite a few free agents not counting against the cap at the moment (Suh, JPP, Carlton Davis, Whitehead, Gronk, Fournette, Gio, RoJo, Jensen, Cappa).

They can also creat some cap space with some restructures. There is $85 million in base salaries amongst the top 6 players that could be reduced by $50+ million if they really want to go all in again.

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Don’t discount this.
‘Now that you’re going to be home, we can can do this, and that, and my mother can come stay with us…’


LOL, love it.

Could be Brady was just waiting for him to retire in hopes of getting a guy that would protect him?
Just speculating wildly.

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You’re right i would retire and be with my wife and kids.

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