Brady confirms he takes paycuts because of his wife

A lot of people on the 24/7 boards rwfused to believe this when I’d tell them, as if he was the world’s best teammate.

So the way I see it, the 3 paths to a Super Bowl are:

  1. Good QB on a rookie contract.

  2. Build an elite, league leading defense.

  3. Arrange a marriage between your franchise QB and an extremely wealthy woman and convince him to take pay cuts.

I’m looking forward to more teams taking option 3.


He also said “winning is a priority”.

I think long term he’s made, or will make, more money as a result of the pay cuts than not. If he weren’t winning championships all the time, would it not be talked about to replace him more?

I’d also note that the defense has been top 10 in points allowed (fewest) for the last 10 years And #1 overall in same category for 5 of those years. Offense wasn’t top 10 in points scored for 10 years. It really is all about the defense, despite all the press that Brady gets (not saying he doesn’t deserve it).

Well, I guess guys don’t want to believe that we value supermodels more than NFL QB’s. We do, and the pay check says so. Yeah, her $400 million and $40 mill salary gives poor Tom a little wiggle room, I still wouldn’t call him Mr. Bundchen…

Not to his face. He’d take a baseball bat to you and deflate YOUR balls.

However, there is no salary cap on supermodels, so it’s a pretty unfair comparison.

And he’s in position to say that due to his wife.

Define “we.” She can go all over the world, he can’t.

Personally? I don’t get her appeal. :man_shrugging:

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I didn’t read it that way.

He was aiming for a laugh and threw that in as an add on. I think what he said does not prove that he wouldn’t have taken the pay cut but for his wife.

I mean, when you go from the son of an insurance agent and flight attendant to over $200M in career earnings, you may think you have enough and you may put “victory” ahead of “every single dollar”.

He’s earned far more money by himself than he could possibly spend without being stupidly wasteful. I find it hard to believe the difference between his full market value and what he took is all that much in the scheme of things.

I remember the story of draft day where he was storming around the house smashing things with a bat as teams kept passing him over. In that instance, his pride was more important than the value of any object he saw that could reasonably be a victim of his bat.

Agree to disagree, though its a bit of a chicken and egg situation.

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Okay, that’s awesome

Eggs don’t come. My aunt Millie had a bunch of chickens. Everyday at feeding time she’d go walking out in the yard by the coup and call the chickens, and they’d come running. The eggs never came.
2 cents

And the greatest coach in the history of the game.
Does he not get pressure from the players association to “ make what he deserves”? If this were baseball, I feel like they’d tear him a new one so that the contracts of all the lesser beings would keep going up.

Yeah, im pretty surprised the NFLPA doesn’t say anything.

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It’s Tom Terrific, so…

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Pretty much.

I don’t like this, it shows that the guy is not a competitor. He shouldn’t just accept that he is losing to a woman, he should try to outdo her.

He’ll never make it. I bet he wears his hat backwards as well.


All players have the option to accept less money so the team can spend more on other players. Some do as the allure of winning is worth more than money. One can also argue that taking less money to sign a 1 year deal with the Patriots will likely earn you are large payday the following year (and giving the Patriots comp picks).

Patriots are playing chess, rest of the league checkers.


I get that, but the NFLPA obviously wants certain precedents in contracts in order for the market to increase, no?

I mean, just look at the QB market. Legitimately mediocre QBs are getting PAID. Imagine if Brady signed a market value contract … the market would get even crazier.

You joke, but why not?

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I’d imagine most millionaire models would need some significant incentives, but yeah, in a weird way I can imagine it happening.