Brady vs. it's Stafford vs. Lions

There’s was some debate as to what made New England great, Bellichick or Brady. Now I guess we’ll get to see if the Lions were holding Stafford back or if Stafford was adding to our sucking.
I guess we’ll see once Matthew goes to his new team, if he has success or if he’s the same QB he was here.

Will Stafford do better with a new team or no?


Tampa wins this week, Brady retires (whether win or lose in SB, he’s proved his point), Stafford goes to Tampa.

I have to be honest here that it matters a great deal to me that Stafford quit on the Lions before any hires were made.

I am not pissed at Matt for wanting to leave at all. I don’t blame him.

But the Lions are not trading Stafford in a situation similar to how the Tigers dealt with Verlander for example. It was Matt’s decision to leave. The Lions are allowing that to happen despite clearly wanting Matt to stay. This team is better with Matt than without Matt.

Matt is not an asshole for wanting to leave. Matt is not an asshole for wanting out of this mess. But this IS Matt’s choice and I am going to remember that too. Matt is taking a pretty big chance in some ways. If he leaves here and the Lions turn it around and he fails to win his legacy will be tarnished. Time will give us the answers we are looking for at this point.

If the Lions turn it around and win before Matt wins outside Detroit that will simply give me one more reason to smile.

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Arians might be fun with Stafford

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Hater ! :joy:

Look imho this isn’t crabs in a bucket.
As a Lion fan I can say whst an exciting thing it would be to play for lions
But as a pro athlete where other decision makers play so much in your success
It would be somewhat unique even within the nfl to be drafted by a team like the Lions …

There’s no reason imo to feel happier if lions reach success before Stafford
Since if you think Stafford is good / great
There’s no real reason why lions shouldn’t gave been more successful with him.

Much has been made of a player like Calvin supposed to rise over his bitter feelings on lions yet
Lions fans carry a lot of bitterness towards the players

So much so that you feel the way you do when in reality
There’s nothing wrong with hoping both parties have success.

This isn’t supposed to be a personal attack @MyLions but more of a general commentary on how I hope if we shift our thinking a bit

As fans , that we can help shift mojo of franchise that seems so bitter towards most X lions …,

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I’ll puke if TB43 wins this week. I’ve had enough of him.

I hear ya’ Billy. I am a Stafford supporter and I have always supported the guy.

Yes the Lions are a mess. I don’t blame Stafford or Barry or Calvin or Suh for wanting to leave.

But we need to be honest here:
Many NFL teams are messes too.

I am sick and tired of the Lions not winning. I think the Fords have allowed one bad structure after another all these years. But the Fords also let people do their jobs, they spend $ on fine facilities and they are not cheap/racist/womanizer owners.

There are a number of well-run teams in the NFL. And there are teams that are hot messes too.

My point is that I do wish Matt well but life outside the Lions might be amazing or it might be just as brutal depending on where he goes. Matt will come in as savior in year one for a team and if they fall short those fans might not be as kind year two, ESP. if that team gave up serous assets to get Matt.

For example say Matt goes to the Colts. In the AFC. And say Matt does worse than Rivers. How is life going to be for Matt at that point with say one year left on his deal and not winning again in 2021 IF that unfolds like that? Hey, if Matt goes to the Colts I can root for him but he might find life is still pretty tough even if the team is better IF that team also doesn’t win. Expectations for Matt will be very, very high for him when he gets to his new team. Will he live up to that? Only time will tell. If he doesn’t fans will not give hm any grace period as they will have paid to win now. Lots of pressure on Matt.

I understand what you mean, but I can’t cheer for the Packers. Go Bucs and Suh!

True but even as we speak Lions fans do the same and if lions struggle next year , Matt breaks a back again or whatever …
Lions fans can be just as cruel
So he faces huge expectations no matter where he goes.

Recent success of vet QBs Brady snd Rivers helping new teams to contend may not help Stafford’s mindset.

But he could definitely land in a bad spot
But there’s not a lot of teams bunched with lions on their historical success snd recent performance.

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