Brandon Aiyuk or K.J. Hamler?

I love both these kids. Aiyuk is a bit bigger but slower at 6’-205lbs and ran a 4.5 forty.
Hamler tweaked his hamstring, so he didn’t run at the combine but he’s said to run around a 4.3 forty…but he’s only 5’9"-178lbs, kind of a Desean Jackson/ Hollywood Brown-type.

What round?

I don’t think we could take a WR before round 3.

Agree an maybe rd4 Fans need remember how many WR’s will be released an there will be few good ones. for rd 4 I like the slot WR Devin Duvernay, 5-10 200 4.4 40

I’d rather have Pittman in round three than either of those two.

I get the desire for the speed freak. And Ayiuk does play faster than Pittman.

Pittman is also IMO more dynamic in YAC situations then Golladay. I think Kenny is more elite at high pointing the ball (though Pittman can do that too.)

Pittman also blocks like an H-Back and I think that’s underrated. And he’s tough (probably due to his dad.). If you want to use him in the run game like a long I the tooth Fitzgerald he will do it.

I really want both him and Duvernay. Probably need to trade down for that to happen

I love me some Duvernay, I think he’ll be another guy to consider in round 3…I doubt he lasts to round 4.

There are so many good WRs in this draft. It’s borderline comical

Aiyuk- he has a little bit of Deebo in him. Very strong after the catch. Has game breaking speed on slants and bubble screens. Still a bit raw in some of his route running concepts but he is a baller who will get better and better over the next 3-5 years. Dynamic kick returner too. I’d love him in the 3rd, but he probably won’t make it there. Unfortunately top of the 2nd has to be used to fill more pressing needs.

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Right now, WR is one of our only solid position groups on the entire team. I’m not 100% against drafting a WR in the later rounds, but we have so many holes, that it would make more sense to just scoop up someone in the summer when the cuts come around. We already have MJJ, KG and DA as our main targets. Whoever we would draft would likely get very little action (30 recepts for the year or something maybe?). Not sure that’s worth blowing one of our very few draft picks on. I’d rather use the later picks for secondary players.

Plus with a hopefully healthy Hockenson and Kerryon, I would think the #4 WR isn’t going to get a lot of targets. There is only 1 football to go around.

plus when we draft our new RB, he’s going to be fed the football considerably.

We have exactly zero WRs on the books for 2021. Golladay will surely sign an extension and that will change, but that will leave us with exactly one. Do you really want to kick this down the road until next year in such a deep receiver class? The draft is for the future beyond one year. If Quinn doesn’t address WR, the he’s not doing his job.

Solid take, but other than WR, we have a ton of holes to fill elsewhere for the upcoming season. We don’t have enough cash or picks to address them all, so in the line of priority, I would put WR down the list a ways.

Remember, this isn’t a normal NFL roster. This roster is garbage overall. We have ZERO elite players/difference makers/game changers. We also have the worst overall defense in the league, a very weak RB group, a well below average O Line, interior D line is the worst I’ve seen, the secondary is unproven at best.

I get it, next year will be this years D Line, but realistically, its the only position group that we could start the season with today and not consider it a team weakness. The only group. It’s that bad.

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well we knew that heading into free agency, nothing has changed, we made some moves here /now in the 2020 Free Agency market, again…not a surprise to anyone no matter how many different times or places you say it. We also know that we are NOT going to “fix it all” this one offseason all we can do is sit and watch what Quinn and them do even during the draft .

you don’t need to tell any lions’ fans how bad it’s been bc we are acutely aware. my point is what you just posted and what I responded to you with was already known…as in , it is not news.