Brandon Staley - Potential Head Coach

With the hiring of Brad Holmes as the new GM, it’s time to take a serious look at Brandon Staley with all the Rams connections. He’s young and leading a great defense. Worked under Vic Fangio in the past.


I don’t want a GM that can only hire buddies from his previous team.


It’d violate this understanding that they want some experience at either coach or GM, but … I dunno, the success of LaFleur in Green Bay forces me to do a double-take.

Could be there’s a new, emerging NFL and these younger minds simply get it.


Difference is the current Packers GM had been with the Packer organization for years when they hired LaFleur. In the lions case a green GM and a green HC it just BQ/MP all over again

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Exactly, it’s becoming a real trend in the NFL. He’s at least worth talking to considering how horrific our defense is. He’s won just as many playoff games as Marvin Lewis, that’s for sure.


Not to mention McVay in LA who Holmes saw up close


Could be. But I don’t like comparing situations from two entirely different orgs. It was clear that Patricia doesn’t have the chops or personality to lead men. The players fucking hated him. Quinn tried too hard to bring the Patriot Way to Detroit, and almost became their exclusive trade partner. It was gross.

We don’t know that about Staley or Holmes.

All I’m saying is I’d at least give it a chance.


He had only been GM for a year though, which was less time than BQ was with us before bringing in Patricia. Hardly an old head. And it was his first GM job.

Quinn didn’t seem to have a sense of who he was, and what he was about. He tried to mimic what the Patriots did, and did it poorly – which makes me wonder if he wasn’t as big of a part of their player procurement process as his title might have indicated.

This photo I like to trot out of Quinn from his first Lions draft is telling to me:

That “walking around with a bat” thing is a COMPLETE ripoff from the movie “Moneyball.”

That screams a guy who isn’t his own person. Who’s trying to put it on like clothes.

Now read what everybody’s saying about Holmes.

I have a feeling he knows who he is and what he’s about.


You had to do it. You just HAD to pull out the ole Batman Boucher photo.


Somehow this slipped past me. I’d see the photo, and thought it was probably stupid, but didn’t realize that was why he had it.

Christ almighty that’s nauseating.

Dude was a pretender from day 1.


Haha it’s not even the right sport Bob!

Looking back, we had a GM that thought he was leading a baseball team and a Head Coach that had a laminated play sheet in his hands with a pencil behind his ear.

That reminds me of…

dumb and dumber 90s GIF


Can you imagine the restraint it took for Caldwell to keep from taking that from him and tossing it in the trash?

Just one of the reasons I’ve referred to him as surprisingly immature. Both of them.


But he was with the packers organization for years, I believe over 10 years, and while they were winning, so he knew how the organization worked. Apples to Oranges comparison you used

I’ll just say no. A few years as an outside linebacker coach, and one single year as a coordinator is too big of a leap, imo. Who would he even hire for coordinators himself? Way too narrow of a scope.

He could retain an experienced Bev to run the offense and let him focus on the Defense more.

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Honestly would probably be a good hire. Staley and Joe Brady are 2 of the hottest coaches right now. Better to be a year early than a year late.

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2017 - Defense
New England - #5 PPG - 29th YPG
Detroit - #21 PPG - 27th YPG

2018 - Defense
New England - #7 PPG - #21 YPG
Detroit - #17 PPG - #10 YPG

2019 - Defense
New England - #1 PPG - #1 YPG
Detroit - #26 PPG - #31 YPG
Rams - #17 PPG - #13 YPG

2020 - Defense
Rams - #1 PPG - #1 YPG
Detroit - #32 PPG - #32 YPG


I wanted him to fail SO badly


At this point. Staley is the only one who would excite me. Go read the rams boards. They absolutely do not want to lose this guy. He is a stud.

And I agree. Keep Bevell on as OC for continuity on the offense and let Staley fix that defense.

Holmes/Staley is definitely a more risky hire than Dodds/Saleh though. I would take the gamble.

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