Breakdown of contracts going into the offseason

Thought this was a helpful breakdown:

Lots of priorities.

  • adding to the wr group
  • adding to the lb group
  • figuring out the de/lb group
  • retaining Walker and adding depth at S

Lots of good spots too

  • the rb group (although i wouldn’t mind a bruiser)
  • the offensive line
  • the cb’s

I would resign Josh Reynolds and try to add a wr via the draft and a solid wr via fa. I’d also try to resign Walker.

This team has some solid pieces. I see groups with meat and potatoes. I feel like they just need some sizzle now and need to focus on adding some playmakers.

I’d roll with Goff one more year, not that there is much of a choice with his contract situation.

Excited to hear what all of you guys would do with this roster heading into the offseason with plenty of money + the #2 pick.


I think we’re going to be good on special teams as well. Fox and Patterson are ERFA and Seibert is signed through next year but could be traded or cut but cap hit would be around 1 million. Return guys, well, with re to kickoff returns we were above average with 24.4, but only 4 teams had 25 yard or above. Vikings had 2 returned for TD’s and had the highest average at 26.5 so for me I’m OK just fair catching and starting at the 25 unless we already have a home run hitter on the team going into next year. Punt returns we were over 10 yards per, that’s decent.

Not sure how many fake punts we did, on side kicks, but I think we did pretty well. Point is that in close games field position is everything and special teams can be the whole difference. I think we’re solid if we extend our kickers. We might want to get Fox better receivers though so there’s that.

Agree with your breakdowns on needs but would add backup QB and a huge hole that people have ignored and that’s TE. We have 3 under contract and 2 of them aren’t NFL material and the other one is in his last year of his contract. This is a very deep year for TE without that top end talent, but there are 4 or 5 guys I would take 2nd 3rd round pick or later. Not sure what their plans are with Hock, I guess the off season will tell.


LOL - Liked how you worded this → also agree (you’re just funnier than me in how you say it)

Yup. 50/50-ish on him being here longer than next season. Much to be revealed.

-Willis (because of where he will likely be drafted, it’s slim chance of us getting him w/o a trade of some sort)
-Big DT from Bama(because of where he will likely be drafted, it’s slim chance of us getting him w/o a trade of some sort)
-WR in first 3 picks of Draft
-WR in FA

Do the best you can from there out. We have some DLmen who are aging, some who are injured a lot, and some who are not performing where I had hoped.
Moving forward, do the best you can in bringing some heat. I miss Suh worse than any Lion not named Barry. My gawd this team could use something like that.

We have the benefit of hindsight, but think of it like this…
What would bring this team more success…

  • Adding CJ in his prime?
  • Adding Suh in his prime?

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While CJ fills an area of much more need, Suh would add more impact. Suh is making elite alpha male athletes pee on themselves.

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