Breaking down Detroit Lions' depth chart after Golden Tate trade

Can Powell be the guy?

They can still re-sign him in the off-season assuming the Eagles don’t give him the extension he wanted. Just now sure how I feel about sending away Stafford’s top target when the division still seems up for grabs…


Some pretty high praise from Tate for Powell but the trade would have had the appearance of throwing in the towel for the season…if he hadn’t fleeced the Giants out of Snacks. In BQ I trust…for now! Still like to see Riddick in the slot, never seen a bigger flag that it’s gonna be a pass play than lining him up in the backfield…not fooling anyone there.

That’s what pisses me off. We’re one game out of first, and they trade away our biggest weapon.

We may be “one out of first” but we have no right to be thinking this team is capable of doing much with it, IMO.

“Can Powell be the guy?”

Can anyone honestly point me to anything outside of preseason that leads one to believe this is even worth asking?

I’m not attacking Nate for asking because it certainly seems to be the case here, as far as the team is concerned. But I have yet to see anything from him that shows me anything that gets me excited.

I like Powell and hope he can grow into the position, but, Riddick is probably the best option to fill Tate’s role in the system.

AJ, I totally get where you’re coming from. That’s what I hate about this team. They beat the Patriots, Pack, and Miami (division leader at the time), clearly they have the capability to beat pretty much anybody, with the probable exceptions of the Rams and Chief’s.
I mentioned the first Manning led Giants super bowl team. Seven games into that season nobody gave them a chance in hell of getting their shit together, but, we know how the story ended.
Hope is the best we have.

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I would like to see them try moving Theo Riddick out of the slot (where he played for a good portion of his college career.

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I agree…Tate was a solid weapon here.