Not at all , just pointing out how silly you .

Ahhh yes, coming from one of the biggest whiners on the board!

Stay mad bro…….

Sad Season 1 Episode 1 GIF by NBC

It’s funny your the one whining about people’s opinion. Now trying to be a internet tuff guy , witch is pretty funny.
Martin Lawrence Lol GIF by Martin

Internet tough guy??? :joy::joy::joy:

Get a clue bro………

I had us at 6-2 after first 8, no watching the defense and what Glenn is doing (of should I say not doing) I think 4-4 is more realistic

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alright ! who’s been ■■■■■■■ around with an Ouija board post curse of Bobby Layne here !!!??? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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