Bree hits 75K passing yard - 1st EVER and nothing?

looking at Profootball stats, he was at 74845 and just tossed 373 more yards?!

Where is the milestone achievement at?

Did I read it wrong?!

I still think he’s the GOAT. Brady is great, but Bree’s has way better numbers.

No way, I will take rings over stats every time

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Belichick’s 300th win is more important. :smiling_imp:

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Superbowl s are a team, not just a QB.

I have this with Emmitt and Jerry Rice. All have the most yards in their respective categories by being very, very good for a long, long time

But I don’t think any of them are the greatest talent to ever play their positions. Most career yards says more about longevity, durability and consistency than it does about being the best to play their position…at least to me

I will take Barry or Walter Payton over Emmitt

Brady or Montana over Brees

Moss or CJ over Rice


unless I am reading the stats wrong - he should be respected for this accomplishment… that’s all.

I am wrong? stat check please?!

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He definitely should be applauded.

It is an amazing accomplishment of longevity, durability and consistency

Most of it was during garbage time and was in the modern passing era… (I kid I kid)



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So Warren Moon was just meh…ok.

Sorry, sorry Grey Cups… My bad


I think they are not making a big deal of it because Tom Brady is right behind him at 72,765.

Well that and the fact that every time he completes a pass it is a new record so you can’t celebrate every time he sets the new record LOL

my attention is fully set on The Lions winning as many games as they can ! I haven’t paid attention to Drew Brees, I will say that is one hell of a accomplishment…and Brees is very accurate I always have liked him and followed Brady since he was a Wolverine QB.

75214 is now official

Still can’t fathom no one talking this up

But I know now I was looking at the stats correctly - now / time for a Dr Pepper!

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That is a good cliche but I look at the teams who were Dynasties in NFL history and all of them had a franchise QB who became a HOFer.

Who threw a prettier ball than Moon? But hated him in Rose Bowl.

So Eli and Peyton are the same? Brad Johnson is better then Stafford? Dilfer better then Marino?

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The only dynasty I can think of where the TEAM wasn’t very very good in multiple phases is NE and well, you just cannot compare how to do things with Brady led teams. But I do recall that Blount had like 18TD’s one year for them. Even if you are averaging 3ypc, if you get THAT kind of redzone production out of your rushing attack, DC’s have to respect it and that helps a QB succeed. Don’t even get me started on the teams that Aikman and Montana played on. They were like Pro Bowl teams.