Brent Musburger calls Jon Gruden’s Raiders exit a ‘professional hit job’



Musberger is in the perfect zone right now.

100% in the I’ve Done It All and No One Can Take That Away Now" legacy capital sweet spot

100% in the I’m Old and DGAF if you don’t like what I say Zone

100% In the " I got F U money" Zone.

100% I’ve Seen Shit You All Ain’t and I’m Tired of Those Assholes Not Getting Called On It privilege stomper zone.

Plus he’s probably buddies with Gruden

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Great zone. Also, BM shredder them. That’s like “give me your lunch money and I don’t care if you tell your parents or my parents you ain’t getting it back” territory.

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“Musburger also speculated about the origins of the said “hit,” suggesting it may have come from a place outside of the NFL umbrella.”

This almost has to be true IMO.

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