Brian Branch a machine

I thought those were both ticky tack fouls. Looked like the receiver tripped on one for sure rather than being interfered with. The ref should ask himself if he’d throw a flag on Ed Reed right there and then put the flag back into his pocket.


Maybe the fullback was supposed to get him? Branch made that impossible, but I have a hunch that’s how the play was designed, for the FB to look blitzer first then move on to the filling LBs.

I was disappointed that he didn’t adjust to the way defensive holding was being called. In fact it was almost like he doubled down. Otherwise he played really well.

Snaps per PFF:

16 defense line
16 box safety/ LB
30 slot CB
5 wide CB
7 Free Safety

This guy is a rookie?!

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Fo Shizzle .

Amazing !!!

With all the hoopla surrounding the comeback by the offense, some key upticks on defense were notable, Branch being just one. Strong bounce-back game for Sutton, imo. Paschal starting to flash. Bohanna coming up…um…big. Hutch FINISHING strong. Alim getting to the QB.

A couple more playing up to their potential consistently & you might have something.

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Branch has 7 tfls and Alim has 6. Tops on the team. That Brad Holmes fella might not be such an idiot after all.

Wait, if this is true:

How can he only have 7 overall?

I think every other DB on our roster doesn’t bring that guy down. He’s a tackling machine

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Was wondering the same thing

I’d bet cam Sutton could do it, he is a really good tackler. But I hear you and agree branch probably does it better than anyone else!

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I only count 2 games.

Author error?


That’s still really good for a DB.

The all-time record is 13 in a single season.

If Branch has 4 more over the last 7 games, he would be tied for No. 3 all-time.


He is SO good.

Immediately plug’n’play ready at one of the hardest positions to immediately contribute

He’s not getting enough credit… Because so many of our rooks are doing so well.

Gibby is amazing
LaPorta awesome