Bring Me the Kool Aid

I am officially predicting the Lions not only make the playoffs this year, they win the division.

The Vikings displayed the same issues tonight I thought they would. They can’t stop the pass and their interior OLine is struggling. Slow Jefferson down and their offense will struggle. They are a borderline .500 team and I think we beat them next week.

The Bears will have a top 5 pick this year.

It is clear the Packers passing offense won’t be firing on all cylinders this year. Their OLine also has some holes in it. You stymie the run and I think you can keep Rodgers in check. Their defense has some star power, but they looked terrible against Minnesota.

The Lions have genuinely looked very good despite playing some sloppy football on both sides of the ball. If Goff can cut back on the 4-5 WTF throws a game and the receivers can catch the football this offense could be even better. The defense has played with a ton of heart so far and I think they get better as the season goes on. If this pass rush can keep it up they will be better than most expect (league average). Throw in all the players we have with short term injuries (6 weeks or less) that will give this team a major boost and I think we may have the best team in the division.

Call me crazy, but I think we are hosting a playoff game this year.


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Come on, man! Take a sip.
It won’t kill you.:japanese_ogre:



If we beat the Vikes, I’m getting a straw out for my koolaid!!


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If it makes your fall a better one, why not?

I wouldn’t be mad at all at this result.