Brockers and Big V down for Seattle

Starting to look sketchy for the chance to grab a W if we have Boyle again, no TEs, no Reynolds and more patchwork in the trenches…


Without Brockers we cannot win…

Wait, has Brockers played yet this year for us?


Brockers may be the biggest bust this season, but he has been healthy. I’m happier with bodies right now given the current state of NFL roster upheaval.

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Vaitai has been good and that will be a loss.

Not sure who this “Brockers” character is. Frankly, it sounds made up.




Anyone that watched brockers play last season saw that he was being brought in more for the culture than his impact on the field. Even playing next to Donald he barely made any impact plays. So you knew he wouldn’t show up in any significant way here. He’s been great from a leadership standpoint though. Calling rookies out and holding guys accountable. I’ll take that this year over tackles for loss or sacks.


I think Big Vaitai is just the best we have right now.

Kinda alarming Levi and Alim arent better than Brockers and we all know Brockers ain’t done squat. I see Brockers getting turned and not staying square to the LOS a lot.

I mean…I technically I think Levi and Mcneil are better, but it hasn’t been by much and they havent been so good that its imperative they play over Brockers.

I see all our DTs getting turned, not a strong enough punch and not staying square to the LOS. Penisini is probably the best when it comes to technique, but the rest look very sloppy and fringe rosterish. It’s weird because McNeil showed very strong punch and ability to stay square on the LOS in college…even on outside zone run plays. Levi needed work in that area…but he is even worse now because he has gained weight and is slower. At times they’ve shown they can do it…but it’s so inconsistent I don’t even know if I can use that word…what is worse than inconsistent?

I hope these two young guys turn it up. If I was Holmes and Co. there is no way you can bank on them for the foreseeable future as it sits now.

Going forward I’d ask Levi to slim down a little…gain more muscle and less fat…learn to stay low and have a strong punch…Same with McNeil. McNeil is just too athletic to look as sloppy as he has. Both these guys gotta get quicker and be the first to punch and stay lower on every snap. I’m sure Todf Wash is trying to teach the right things…but is it getting home?

And at some point you have to question the effort and commitment of the players and I have seen lack of effort from both. I mean…why can McNeil show such ability to use his strong hands and stay square on the LOS but then he just forgot how to in the NFL???


Nothing new. Get players who w a nt to play

Brockers has been hurt with a shoulder injury most if not all of the season.

I do think he is good for the culture and maturation of young guys. He’s crafty and can teach all the tricks needed.

I’ve also seen him a bunch leading the pre and post game cheers.

As to his play… I think he is on the decline and would be better on a snap count



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I dont question Brockers as a good leader. My main focus is we need our young DTs to step up. But I am a little irked by the $$$ Brockers is making.

yeah, but dude doesn’t have a “mentor the young guys $$” contract. He has a “make shit happen on the field $$” contract


Yes to all of this. Culture change was the biggest challenge they had to face here, and it’s well on its way to being completed. Dan was speaking really highly of Brockers, recently. I think they knew exactly what they were getting, and we’re looking straight at it…a locker room dude.

Hope he’s either gone, or on diminished salary at the end of next season, but in terms of culture shifts, I’m having a hard time questioning anything Campbell is doing right now.

All systems go, men!

Let’s get’r done!

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Brockers and Big V are still on the team? Who knew.

Both are not only rookies but Levi didn’t play last year and Alim has 2 more sacks than Brokers and I’m sure more pressures…sooo he is performing better.

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Good one.

So what? Who cares how much he’s making? He’s not on a long term contract here. The money doesn’t come out of your pocket or mine. Even if he had 15 sacks this season we’re still picking in the top ten. He’ll make a bigger impact if he teaches our young defensive tackles how to play the game and be professional.

So how is that working out with Levi and Alim so far?

Also, why be upset we pay Flowers the GDP of Rhode Island then…why not! He 's is a Patriot’s Way guy, totally rub off on the team, winning culture…heard all that.

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Levi and alim have been solid and are starting to flash here and there. They’re better now than they we’re week 1. As far as flowers and brockers, two completely different contracts. You’re paying brockers 8 million, which is a lot for a player of his current ability, but he’s gone after next season. Flowers on the other hand, carries a cap hit over 20 million if they keep him. Thankfully there’s an out in his contract I believe. They can cut him in 2022 and take a cap hit of 12m.

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