Broncos/Vikings - Game of the Day

You aren’t going to get much support to call Russell Wilson better than Matt Stafford.

As far as the offensive line, Wilson made it look worse than it was. He doesn’t see the field well and he struggles to pull the trigger on time. He turns down throws and ends up having to scramble his way out of his own indecisiveness. The media goes nuts when he makes “magic happen.” But Pete Carrol and the staff knew what was really going on. Wilson is regularly at the top of the NFL in the most time from snap to throw. A line can only hold up so long.

I can pull up alot of examples of who Wilson really was in Seattle, and who some fans have figured out in Denver. Here is one where he threw a TD pass after moving around on “another display of his ability to make something out of nothing!”

Screenshot #1 - Just showing how clean the pocket is.

Screenshot #2 - This is when guys like Jared Goff and CJ Stroud would have released the ball and nobody would have thought anything other than it was an easy TD. Notice that instead of letting the ball fly, he is in a turtle position getting ready to scramble out of a clean pocket.

Screenshot #3 - After Russ started to scramble he looked around the pocket and realized he wasn’t under pressure. The guy is still open, but Russ took his eye off of his receivers. Now he is trying to backpedal to get depth and refind where his receivers are.

Screenshot #4 - Still scanning…

Screenshot #5 - Finally the guy starts frantically clapping his hands in front of Russ, so Russ fires it off. By this time the defender has broken free of the lineman and is bearing down on Wilson.

Maybe not here. But nationally I think there would be. Respectfully the rest of this post is anecdotal. One can manufacture a grievance about any QB and find some snapshots to support the claim

You could say Rodgers was overrated and worse than Stafford and find a few clips of him not seeing a wide open player.

But from someone who watched most of the Hawks games while he was in his prime, I disagree with you. Wilson was better. And his overall body of work is more impressive. Last year was a disaster but this year he is putting up elite numbers again. And probably most of us watched him beat the Queens. This was stupid vintage Wilson at the end

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Not a Russ fan at all. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way. Seems so fake as a person. On the other hand…dude has had some incredible success in his career.

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This I agree with. He gives off mega douche vibe

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