Browns beat the rest of the league to the punch by kicking into high gear: Browns sign Kareem Hunt

Talk about a crazy RB core that can’t be beat.

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“Kicking” and punching?

Whatever it takes, apparently.
Bet they beat us to the Super Bowl.

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Kareem Hunt went to kicking. You hit a weaker person, it should be lights out. He shouldn’t have allowed her the chance to get back up. Somebody take Kareem Hunt to the Joe Mixon fight club, maybe he can learn how to knock out his nemesis next time. He officially qualifies as a millennial and turn in his masculinity at the nearest government office. It was toxic anyway.

With the Pats in their conference? I doubt that.

What does that even mean?

Assuming the two are ever on the field together.

Roger has yet to decide what Hunt’s punishment will be (if anything)

Hunt has had two more violence incidents since he kicked the woman. There were no charges brought but they happened none the less showing that he hasn’t exactly learned from his mistake.

SI had an interesting take on the Browns signing him right now.

After repeated incidents, it is hard to believe he plays more than 8 games.

Gotta appreciate the play on words LOL

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Just a fantastic signing all around.

He plays more than 8 games:
They win by putting together a fantastic trio at RB. Probably the best I’ve seen on paper so far.

He doesn’t play more than 8 games:
They win because he’s a RFA next season, should at least get some sort of return, and only paid $1mill to keep him around for the season.

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Nothing like the NFL. Morality died years ago. The only way to win is by getting scumbags on your team. Dallas did it perfection in the 90s.

Sure he lost money by not playing last year, but all he has to do is continue to play well and he will get a bigger contract next season. In fact he got a raise for 2019.

I have to wonder if the Browns and Dorsey were the only scum buckets willing to offer? Sounds like Quinn had nixed any possibility of signing him.


100% agreed, golden. 100%.

They can have him. If you’re beating, punching, kicking, a chick your problems run deeper than i care to deal with as an employer. There is a replacement for anyone, and as long as a particlar behavior is tolerated by at least one team, that behavior will continue, not necessarily accepted, but tolerared. You would think with all the SJW mentality swirling around the League, violence against women wouldn’t be tolerated on any level, whatsoever. But, alas, the NFL is a hot mess when it comes to consistancy…


Well said Mr Sanders.