Browns coach’s have COVID!

GMF shows the coaching staff may not be able to coach this weekend WC game

Curious to see how they handle this

ESPN has it now

Of course. The Lions would have had one for sure. It’s a curse

and there is already talk about moving it a dat or two out…

which imo is BS - they already set the standard with us!

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Why in the hell can’t a coach sit in the press box isolated by himself and still coach his team!?

It’s complete BS.


Agree but the standard has been set

  • if they allow it now… they fucked us in the process
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I don’t know if you guys heard but they are adding immune system ratings to Madden



Plenty of boxes available.

Unless, of course, the dude just isn’t feeling up to the task. I’ve had the flu before and could see not being able to coach an NFL game.

If the dude is feeling fine though and is asymptomatic, can they really not find an open box for the guy to coach from?

Seems like it could be done.

But yeah, Abject makes a good point as well. If it could be done…why couldn’t the Lions do it 2 weeks ago?


Agreed, it’s becoming a joke. The NFL ratings are dropping by millions and millions per week compared to previous seasons and for good reason.

Or let him Zoom coach. I think it was unfair to Clemson that their OC couldn’t do so.

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Can’t agree with this due to standard already set
If they let the Lion do a zoom… fine

They set the standard and shouldn’t change - if they do, screw them

I can see that. This is a playoff game though. Stakes are a wee bit different

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Agreed, I feel for the Browns fans, they are a lot like us poor Lions fans. They have sucked for decades and now they don’t have their head coach for their first playoff game in 20 years. They are getting completely screwed.

By the NFL itself… they should have thought this thru imho

Reg season or playoff game… rule stay the same!

Well, outside a tie

Yeah, wake me when they don’t postpone KC because Mahomes has Covid with a couple receivers and his TE.

They need ratings. They are going to do whatever they can to keep the playoffs competitive. Unless your the Washington namelesses. They can play without anyone and the NFL won’t do anything.

There always seems to be that exception with the NFL.

Think I’m wrong…

Think they’d play the Super Bowl if it were KC and GB with both Mahomes and Rogers out due to Covid?

I would love to see it happen just to watch the NFL heads explode trying to find a way out.

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100% agree with your take. It’s all about ratings and the NFL is a lot closer to being WWE wrestling than most of us care to admit.

No chance covid happens to any star players in the playoffs that bring ratings. And if it did happen to possibly Brady, Mahomes or Rodgers, they would reschedule the game.


If we had a coach work via zoom, he would have likely forgotten he wasn’t wearing pants and stand up, all Wendy’s Drive Thru style.


Just imagine the drive thru workers reaction to that situation, lol

And more importantly, did they still give him a few burgers to enjoy while he was waiting for the police to arrive. Don’t want him getting hangry!

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Hey imagine if we had a coach who wanted to “nuke the gays” and still stood behind him?

Son of our former ST coach… sounds like a quality individual