Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as new HC

They get it wrong… again.

Wow. That seems like a crazy reach.

It’s probably b/c Haslam is a less successful version of Jerry Jones and no quality head coach wants anything to do with that situation.

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How dare they out Lion us.


My favorite comment:

“So they’re hiring the guy who lost out on the job to the guy who got fired after 1 year? This is peak browns”

Faux John Madden



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have fired HC Kevin Stefanski.

Kirk Cousins has to learn 3 systems in 3 years, I almost feel bad for him.

Son of Pistons “GM” Ed Stefanski.

I’d think Kubiak would take over at OC. He’d probably be an upgrade and the transition minimal.

It’s Cleveland… so what do you expect.

Personally I think CLE and Mayfield needed an experienced HC.

Analytics guy to go with DePodesta in the front office. What’s interesting to me is the way the league is moving towards hiring the coach first then finding a GM that fits the head coach.

Sweet! Schwartz will be available next year!

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I actually think this will work and the Browns will be in the playoffs for the next 3 years.

The real story of why Stefanski was hired is even worse:

we should add a laugh icon to the like reply

There you go.

They’re screwed for sure.