Bruce Irvin to the Lions PS

Bugs bunny has a great win rate. The issue is most of his snaps he’s lined up against Elmer Fudd, so it’s tough to know how he’d do against other competition.

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Some of you folks act like the Lions didn’t due any diligence before signing this guy. If this guy was 30 lbs over playing weight, then we don’t sign him even to the practice squad. And if there was a young upstart defensive end sitting on someone’s practice squad that was pretty good, he would have been signed by another team right now.

He’s probably going to the practice squad first so he can at least learn the defense. Then if he seems to get it and is kicking as during practice, we elevate him. As someone already pointed out—there is no risk to this move. Based on what I read, the Lions have to pay him $21k a week while on the practice squad. That is certainly worth the investment to see if he has anything left.

Dan campbell presser today.
“Hes in great shape just not football shape”

So yea PS for a week or two till he gets up to football shape

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Lets not forget about Yosemite Sam.


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Non paywalled Detroit News article on the player.

Irvin credits Lions linebackers coach Kelvin Sheppard with helping him get his foot in the door with Detroit. The two go way back, to Stone Mountain, Ga., where they were high school teammates at Stephenson. You read that correctly: Irvin was in high school at the same time as a Lions coach who last played in the league five years ago. In fact, he is a few months older than Sheppard.

“He stood on the table for me, so I owe him a lot,” Irvin said.

In Tuesday’s workout, Campbell noted Irvin showed his trademark burst, strength and bend. So, if there’s any of that juice remaining after an 11-year career, where he racked up 55.5 sacks and forced 16 fumbles, he can help the Lions, a team that has struggled to get consistent pressure and sacks from its edge defenders not named Aidan Hutchinson.

And maybe more than that, Irvin can potentially add an edge Detroit’s front is lacking.

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“(I can bring) a lot of attitude, a lot of nastiness,” Irvin said. “I’m just dawg, an alpha, but I also feel like I have something to prove still. I’ve always felt like I’ve been underrated, my whole career. So, I feel like I still have to prove myself at 36 years old, 12 years in the league. That’s just how I am, how I came out, and I don’t think I’ll ever change.”

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When I first heard about this signing I though, it’s a nothing move.
But then I thought, how far off is this group? I mean, we’re pretty good, maybe he can provide just enough. Maybe he is the missing cog. I think I’m gonna move to wait and see mode. We have some easier games coming, maybe he makes a difference in those and we can get the #1 seed. Who knows?

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You never know. The last time Irvin played was in the playoffs last year. Had 5 tackles, 1 sack and 2 tackles for loss.


I think that’s part of it but there’s more to it than that.

The Lions realizing they have a legitimate chance to host a playoff game and real chance to win one. They know they need more help along that DL and could really use a veteran presence in the locker room.

So sign Bruce and let him sit on PS with the entire intent to activate him in the post season when we need a fresh set of legs to boost our pass rush. Meanwhile he’s the veteran looker room presence we need.

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If there is, teams don’t know it. Because if they did, he wouldn’t be hanging out on the practice squad. We didn’t know what we had with Houston and neither did other teams. If they did, he would have been poached.

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Currently on the Seahawks practice squad. Maybe just needs a chance?

Do we have room for Barry and Megatron on the PS?
Then if they make the Super Bowl, maybe elevate them for the game and get them a ring?

Do you think Becky would know?

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