Brunell: Jared Goff's Arm Talent 'Best I've Ever Been Around'

Related to the quick release debate. Just came across this PFF article.

Goff was second best in the league when throwing in under 2.5 seconds

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With their WR room this is likely to get even better.

" Jordan Love made massive strides in his first year as a starter, and his protection was a big reason why, as he was sacked only once in less than 2.5 seconds."

Against the Falcons he sacked himself in less than 2.5 seconds. That must be the one.:rofl:


Not gonna lie, completely missed it was AFC only and almost posted on Goff and others.
Then in a moment of confused clarity I decided I was missing something and didn’t post.

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How many QBs have had as many starts as Goff in that time period? Off the top of my head, maybe Prescott and Derek Carr? Even those guys have missed significant time to injury. Thats clearly a ridiculous stat to cherry pick. It completely ignores recent history and a players ability to improve.

Since mid season of 2021, I bet his turnover rate is lower than the majority of QBs that have started roughly the same amount of games. I could care less what he did prior to then as he has put 2.5 seasons of top 10 QB play on film.

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You’re exactly right. Ninja posts this every once in a while without also posting since 2016 Goff is 1st in passing yards (28,492); 1st in passing 1st downs (1,397); 1st in 20+ yard completions (397); 2nd in completions (2,473); 6th in passing TDs (176)


there’s that, of course, but it’s not really even simply a matter of improving. Goffs career turnover ratio Is below average. (Meaning less turnovers than average)

It just stands to reason that a quarterback with that many starts, and that many snaps is going to lead the league in a lot of these categories, including turnovers, but it ignores the better data which is turnover ratio and turnover per attempts.

It’s just cherry picking plain and simple



Would you expect a ninja to come at you straight on? Anti-Goff performance art may be niche discipline but we should appreciate that we are in the presence of a true practitioner.



Brock keeps showing up high on these lists. He’s not just a system guy. Dude is gonna get paid soon

Absolutely not…tread lightly…