Bryce Young comparison

Stylistically, when I watch Bryce Young play it reminds me of watching my favorite QB of all time, Joe Montana.

The way he moves, the release, the footwork off the scramble throws. It’s way to early to make predictions but that’s the play style I see. I am by no means an Alabama fan but I enjoy watching him play the game and it gives me that nostalgic feeling.

If the Lions are going to spend draft Capital on a QB this is the guy I hope they risk the rebuild on. Id give both of next years firsts and the year after to draft him.

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I’m not a fan at 5’10" 180lbs as quoted by an NFL scout.

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He’s tiny. Part of the reason he doesn’t run much. Good thing for him the rules are the way they are.

I believe when we get to the combine next year he will measure out a little bigger than Kyler Murray but we will have to wait and see for that.

But Kyler is thicker for sure

Yeah absolutely, and a better athlete.

I think he’s also got better vision and anticipation. I like Young a lot more on structure and Murray better out of structure. But most importantly Young is a much better leader. Really exciting QB class in '23. Pending some good Jr season and declarations.


Interesting Montana comp @Longinthetooth.

Bryce Young is special between the ears and beneath the sternum. Men follow him. He’s savage under duress. His accuracy is uncanny. He oozes character.

It’ll be interesting to see his actual ht/wt. Regardless, it’s really the size of the fight in the dawg…


Hope for a late growth spurt.


Murray measured at 5’10&1/8” at combine.
John Metchie just measured 5’11” tall.

Looks like Young will be in the 5’10” to 5’11” range.

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I think he is probably a can’t miss NFL prospect. Not like Trevor Lawrence level, bur I think he’ll be pretty good.

I think Stroud has the talent to be really good, but I don’t think he’s there yet.

I think Stroud is very good and teams will fall in love with his potential. His physical traits are going to have teams salivating.

D.J. I has slimmed down to 240 and should have a better supporting cast. I think he has a huge rebound year and goes first overall.

That almost sounds like a lead-in for the other thread “why are there so many busts in the 1st round.”


BC he had one bad year?

It sounds like you’re taking JaMarcus Russell because he’s big over a terrific super smart QB from Alabama.

Well it’s all hypothetical. Klubnik is there now so he’ll have to play we. I think D.J. U is more the Josh Allen type then the JaMarcus type. JaMarcus was nowhere near the athlete but was also more refined as a passer. Sad what happened to Tussel. What breathtaking arm talent that dude had.

Scout I heard on the radio said he’s 5’10", 180lbs.

I was NEVER impressed with JaMarcus Russell.
He had a bif arm and hit on some throws in a few games… but I thought he was like Cardale Jones.

Huge arm. average accuracy. Poor consistency. very suspect with throws requiring touch or “off platform” arm angles. Statues in the pocket.