Bryce Young- is he even 5’11”?

I know it’s been discussed at length, and it’s looking more like the top of the draft is much different than it did just 4 weeks ago…. Strouds stock may have tumbled a touch, Carter has t done anything since Tennessee game, Anderson jr is going top 3 no matter what….

What about Bryce Young? The Texans are sitting alone at the #1 spot, and it appears it’s safely theirs…. They need a QB as bad as anyone in the league, but last time they were in this spot they took Mario Williams over Bush, V Young, Cutler, Leonard….

Some parallels exist…

Mario vs Anderson Jr
VY vs A Richardson
Leinart vs Stroud
Bush vs Bijan Robinson
D Brick vs Paris Johnson or Fashanu
Cutler vs W Levis
Hawk vs N sewell
Huff vs Ringo
D Whitner vs Porter Jr
Ngata vs J Carter

  • where does Bryce Young fit? Is he the nester prospect in either draft, and destined to thrive in the NFL after going #1 overall? Is he going to measure near 5’9 or max 5’10 and sub 189 pounds?

See below next to the 6’3” Mac Jones- who is leaning down toward him. Still Bruce is below his eyebrows.

Met how was listed at 6’1” before measuring 5’11” per draft last year. Young sure looks shorter than Metchie

Frankly he only looks slightly taller than Nick Saban who is only 5’6”

Hopefully these all load… the last one is Saban next to Jalen Hurts. Hurts is only 6’1”….

  • I think Young’s measurements will have everything to do with how this draft shapes up.



I’ve never liked short QB’s until the game started changing recently. Short guys can play QB-of course you would rather the guy be 6’3” or greater in a perfect world.

That being said someone is going to be really happy when Bryce Young is their team’s starting QB


Maybe in heels.

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Yeah, but what about his………

Hands GIF


Young is a heck of a QB and he’s what you want in a QB. I have no doubt he will have NFL success.

I still would rather pass.

I want a big physical strong armed QB. I could care less if he’s mobile but I’d prefer he be able to make plays with his legs to keep defenses honest.

I think Goff is decent enough that Young doesn’t make me want to risk a pick.

I’d much rather we keep building up the staff around Goff and find a QB later if need be.


:laughing: :rofl: :joy: I was just thinking about this with the Pickett debate

Too much is made of measurables.

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Pickett has a 71 rating… is 2-4 and has 3 TDs 8 ints and 3 fumbles.


Maybe he measures short and Texans go another direction. I hope so. It’s the only way we have a shot.

He’s shown he can make plays with the big sec boys, can take a hit, and avoid a lot of them. He could get hurt, just like anybody else. There’s just nothing in his actual play that indicates anything but future excellence. Which means we’re potentially considering passing on greatness for some unknown what if. That’s gonna be hard to live with, even if the Lions become playoff regulars, to watch another team excel with the guy we passed on.

On a selfish note… I find that most of the games I’m interested in watching feature marquee qb matchups. I sort of watched the Bama Auburn game, but mostly skipped the Auburn offensive possessions. For us, Goff makes some excellent throws, but he doesn’t really do anything I haven’t seen. Bryce routinely does.

Maybe it’s the curse of having watched Barry play play in Honolulu blue. I want to watch exceptional players, and Bryce has aspects of his game that nobody really does better.


The Lions will likely have to trade up to get Young. I expect him to be a top 3 pick regardless.

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I really believe in the Rams ability to get us there.


That’s not entirely accurate…. His QB rating isn’t overly impressive for a power conference powerhouse with loads of nfl talent.

I know his roster regressed this year, but he made his bones surrounded by studs… this year he regressed, but Burton, Latu, J Gibbs, Holden and Brooks along with Cohen and Ekiyor Jr will likely all play in the NFL…maybe not Holden

They are all 4 and 5 star kids with size, speed etc…

Bryce Young had almost an identical season this year to JJ McCarthy if you factor in passing attempts. Per pass they are almost identical. Even the same rating.

If Bryce Young had a 70 plus completion percentage and a 195 plus QB rating, it would be easier to overlook.

BTW- I thought Baker and Murray were too small. Isn’t 6’4 and skinny or 5’11 and rocked up… he’s likely 5’10 and place kicker skinny….

His stats are good, but guys like Penix have bigger arms, better size, and similar production.

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Young is 5-10, probably lucky to weigh 180.

Doesn’t mean he can’t play in the NFL. It does mean he has a risk factor that strongly needs to be considered.


I just feel like Young is going to be a superstar. I see a future top 5 QB. He could be transformational for this team IMO. With the way that Holmes drafts and add a superstar QB and will be the Bills in a couple of years. Young, dominate, owning the division for many years.

Goff is Matt Ryan, and he’s already been to his Superbowl.

Means he’d be the smallest first round QB since Jim McMahon…. That’s 40 years of data…

Then there is the obvious regression from year 2 to year 3…. A rating of 156 isn’t overly impressive by todays standards.

He’s #17 in QB rankings… and only a few points ahead of Levis and JJ McCarthy…

He’s #17 in td passes tied with Bo Nix!

He’s #49 in completion percentage behind Rattler, Penix, JJ McCarthy, Taigoviola, Nix, J Daniels, Hooker, DTR, KJ Jefferson etc…of course Stroud, Maye, Caleb Williams too…

He’s #30 in yards per attempt….

If Bryce Young was rising up boards from mid rounder to a possible… smaller Drew Brees type… 2nd rounder, then I could see it.

Not too 5 overall

Goff doesn’t do anything that we haven’t seen before. But he does it in situations and with a consistency that is anything but normal.

I am comfortable saying Bryce can replicate Goff and add to what he brings. Willevis definitely can not.

I certainly don’t think Bryce is a lock for 1OA. While to me he’s that guy. There are other reasons than just size that a team might take Stroud. What if you have a coach that hates when a guy improvises and goes off script? You can’t tell me that those don’t exist. Stroud is a stick to the system guy and there are people out there who like that. And if you have the right pieces, there aren’t many guys I’ve ever seen more accurate than him with a range of throws. What does Houston like? I have no idea. But we’ll find out long before draft day most likely.

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I strongly disagree. We shall see…

Pat Mahomes gave the world an unrealistic expectation for what a young QB could do… but as an our passer- not winner- he’s already the goat in my opinion.

We see Burrow, Allen, Herbert all putting up stats and think… “where is ours?”

These guys are all 6’3” plus… 220 plus… plus arm guys who one SB appearance and loss in 10 plus years between them….

Caleb Williams and Drake Maye are way ahead of him as prospects… not even remotely close!

So if Caleb and Drake go next year….

It will be tough for all these young guys to be “top 5” QBs.

Not unlike- Brady, P Manning, Rodgers, Eli, Big Ben, Rivers, Brees….

I think he can be top 5 on the Lions. Not on just any team. Contrary to the b.s. you hear, we have a terrific o-line that can both run block and pass block. We’re going to have his college buddy Jameson. It’s the beginning of a stacked team and Bryce will put it over the top. If he goes to a bad team, yeah that would be like the team he’s playing on now. He’s still really good.

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Sock- I definitely could be wrong, and I’d gladly be wrong if we take him.

It’s hard to argue that our OL is ranked 17th, rushing is 10th, and defense is a firm “32nd”….

We’ve played with patchwork WRs all year in addition to not being great at anything else…

Next week should be interesting as Goff and phenom 1st overall Lawrence face off…they have almost identical stats and both sit at 4-7.

We have scored 30 more points… but allowed “80” less. I wonder what our record would be if we had Jags D?

That’s my point though…


Brooks- 5 star
Burton- 4 star
Latu- 4 star
J Gibbs- 4 star
Holden- 4 star
J McLellan- 4 star

Those guys will likely all play on sundays. At least practice squads.

It’s not Jamo and Metchie or Waddle and Smith… but those aren’t the types of WRs most QBs play with in college man.

Look at Mahomes, J Allen, Herbert, they played with nobody’s.