Buffalo Bills fans @ Airport after team clinched AFC East title

Wow!! what a great showing of respect for their team. Bills fans really want it.

I just wish I could see a day like this in the near future for Lions fans.

Click and watch the video.

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Easily my favorite, of the non-Lion teams.
Love their fans too.

One of their fans invited me to a FB page called Bills Mafia. They support each other and have completely different conversations that I’ve seen in other places around the NFL, both in the way they talk about other NFL teams, and the way they talk about their own.

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Wow , look like they have an open house airport .

I was at the game with my Dad back in…I don’t even remember…sometime in the 90s, where the Lions beat the then league leading St. Louis Rams to move to 6-2 on the year.

At the end of the game, while leaving the stadium, every single fan was chanting “Super Bowl! Super Bowl!” all the way through the stadium. It continued All the way outside and to the parking lots. It was as if the whole city had erupted in one loud and united chant of celebration. Was an amazing feeling.

The Lions, of course, collapsed through the rest of the year and may have even missed the playoffs that year…


I think Lions fans would show the same support if they could secure the division before Christmas… Bills fans are a very proud fan base. Tbh I’m jealous of their team and culture… I think they have a good recipe to be successful for the next few years… Unfortunately for them, they’re in the AFC and the only way they have a shot at beating the Chiefs is to get home field advantage.

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I agree that we’d show the same support if we won. their fans show that support, even when they’re not winning (from what I’ve seen, anyway).

That’s a cool memory! Winning and sharing it with a crowd of people in a group celebration is an amazing feeling.

Your story, Zeeze, reminded me of a memory from a Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena some 20 years ago.

The Wings won and as we were leaving through the skywalk that led from the Joe into the parking garage. It was a jam-packed herd of people and in my “Miller Lite Brain” at the time thought of a great idea: Let’s start a chant!

“Let’s GO RED WINGS!”…crickets

“Let’s GO RED WINGS!”…no one joined in. I’m all the way in—no going back!

"LET’S GO RED WINGS!"lets go Red Wings (10 people chimed in!)

"LETS GO RED WINGS!"…about 1/2 of the roughly 3,000 people joined in!!! It’s happening!!!

The 5th one and the entire crowd erupted in the chant. It went on for maybe :30 sec but it was an amazing feeling! I’ll never forget it.

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Pretty cool . . . I’ll be a Bills fan in the Playoffs, love to see that kind of support, especially for a team that has struggled lately.

I really like Allen as a QB. I think he’s the real deal and is a large part of why they are winning football games.

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Cool story. I started a chant in a crowd about 20 years ago as well, but it was WAY easier to get people to join in because everybody was dying to do it anyways. It was Thanksgiving 1997 in the Silverdome and “Barry, Barry, Barry!”


Something in him for sure even though he get bashed a lot. He can move also that make him great

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