Bummed - and happy... listen and cry and then laugh baby!

Man, I alway want the current coaches and player to win… period.

But if these word are true - we needed this change desperately…

And we have the right guy imho to take it change it for the good!

“Watch what happens now that the dictator is gone”.

That’s the words of an assistant coach?

All the more reason to dump the whole stinking bunch. I wouldn’t retain a single one of them except maybe Coombs.

Let’s give it a chance to unfold. Having fun is great, but it seems that will wear off… unless we go 5-0 under Bev. If we do, he has to be in the running…maybe he’s considered even at 4-1 given the tough schedule. Anything less, and it seems like we’d have to move on.

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It’s not so much the record after 5 games, it’s how he gets his crew to perform. If he demonstrates that he is competent and effective, why would you let him go?
To HC the Bears after Nagy gets the boot?


Over reaction my brother!

He was apparently holding them back…

I dealt three ducking years with a group of leaders above me doing all sort of shit wrong in our shop: illegally wrong.

I was taught to work it at the loser at level.

And after three years, I was put in a spot of do or die… I turned them in. And when investigated I got pros from the investigations for trying so hard for so long to fix it internally. The fact the didn’t chat upon someone telling them their faults helped the case.

Thinking the other coaches are weak is the farthest thing you can do. It take courage and self control to stay I. The fire and try to work it out at that level.

Now, in part, do to thier loyalty, this team is growing and bonding…

So far, 10 days in, he’s earned it!

I really feel Bevell has what it take to be a solid successful HC… we will ser

I have zero respect for the unnamed individual.
Patricia laid an egg here and was fired for it. He got what he deserved. But whoever this clown is that would refer to him that way to Adam Silver, is someone I would not want in the building any longer. I don’t care how true it is.

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Teams always seem like they play better once an asshole coach is fired. Let’s not anoint Bevel a great coach after 10 days or say he’s earned the job after one game where the Lions were losing 30-20 really late into the 4th quarter and were fortunate that Mitchell Trubisky was the Bears QB and fumbled deep in his own zone.

Ok - if you are meaning just the guy who dimed MO out by talking to the reporter - I kind of get it… I see your point

Yes and no - those here going negative on this win are missing the point I’m trying show … the defense came into this game old mind set but wondering about this new mind set Bevell was talking about- then half time came and under the pressure of behind behind in the game point wise… what did he say…?!! Screw the score, just go play!!! He stayed try to himsle and his message and the defense took that to heart…

Win or not this Sunday; I almost promise you will see a better overall game played by these guys and the biggest improvement will be the defense…

Even the asst coach who spoke out said… “don’t be surprised if we win out”!!

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Like I said, 30-20 with about 4 minutes left to a horrible Bears team…
Sure it’s a win but to say the team was different didn’t strike me as being very accurate. The defense still sucked and the offense was lethargic for 55 minutes of the game.
Had Trubisky not fumbled in his own zone, how would you view the Lions after that?

It is accurate and what all the players has said, the reports have said

What Speilman said

You guy are too negative at times! :cry::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::crazy_face::heart::+1:

The other coach never beat the Bears, even when up two scores late in the game. Thats pretty different.


We also forget the truth In winning NFL game…

More so than not, the team that wins is the team that simply sucked less…

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You perform by winning. You demonstrate you are competent and effective by winning. Go 1-4 with great individual performances by everyone – I don’t want him. Go 1-4 but somehow demonstrate you’re competent and effective (I don’t see how, really), and I don’t want him. Seriously, you can say all the fluff you want about competence, feel-good, rah rah rah. If you’re 1-4 or 2-3, you haven’t earned squat. Yes, I’d give a 2-3 coach to the Bears.

That isn’t the point. Just because the Lions carve up a soft zone at the end of the game and are gifted a fumble inside the 15 yard line under 2 minutes in the game and end up winning has nothing to do with Lions coaching.
The defense looked awful the majority of the game and the offense was lackluster too. Had that big Dlineman took the interception in for a TD instead of falling down, the Bears cruise to an easy win and people are writing SOL all over the place.
Just because Matt Nagy sucks as a HC doesn’t mean Bevell is good.
I am interested to see if they can play well in the next 3 games. If they can hang with the Packers, Bucs, and Titans, then Bevell would have shown me something. Rodgers and Tannehill are legit top 10 QBs and Brady can still crank it up most of the time. If the defense can stand up to those guys…then I would be impressed.

Keep in mind he had 3 days to address his team as HC and prepare them. There’s not a lot a guy can accomplish in that short of time in terms of scheme and changes.

I think you will see more changes with each coming week.

Gifted a fumble ?!! Your slanted with your resentments brother or seriously high! And don’t look at me for tjis

Go ask Speilman o. Today’s 3 and out! He praised the lions for the play making they did…

You need to go get a hug and that lovingly said

They balled out period

Delusional as usual.