Bye Bye JBC. Next stop GB

Schefty announcing JBC and Lions FINALLY part ways.

Here’s the confirmation:

Mutually agreed my ass. Someone throw tomatoes at his car when it leaves the facility.


Good sign the Lions can see what everyone else can.

They had to get Stafford’s blessing first, but once they got that, dude was gone.

We need desperately to find a reason for the Lions being the Lions. We said exactly the same things when Linehan was let go and when Jim Bob took over we were thrilled.

The Lionization goes in circles, ever widening circles…


You need some therapy AD

How soon you forget facts that are inconvenient…

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Come on, what was left to choose from AFTER the Superbowl?

Yeah, I forgot. The only possible guy to do the job was Jim Bob Cooter.

Lets see how many quality OC’s are available after Feb. Care to name a few?

Yeah, give me a few days and I’ll go interview all the guys who were available last Feb and get back to you.

On second thought, you’re right. Cooter was probably the best option available then and now. Probably what they’re not telling us is that we begged him to stay, but he turned us down to go get a HC job…

How you going to feel in about two hours when they announce Urban Meyer as the new OC?


The guy we may end up hiring was available… Charlie Weis

Michael Lomardi is reporting there will be a lot of changes in Detroit this offseason. I’ll assume this means Patricia is going to shed the guys that didn’t buy in to the new program. This first year was to thoroughly evaluate the players and coaches. He already got rid of the 2 assistants that were held over from the last regime in JBC and Marciano

A change of Cooter has always made me happy.

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