Bye week protocol?

Guys -

What does the bye week look like for the players? Do they fly home to hang with their local posse? Play golf all week?

Or are they working and sweating in AP? Coach meetings, watching film? I have no idea. They better be in town, working hard on trying to figure out how to fix this thing.

Pretty sure they get a full 3 or 4 days off. Players union prevents them practicing all week.

The bye week is a very important week for the Lions. Its where they come together and game plan new ways to lose.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the Lions find a brand new way to lose.

Its the bye week where all that preparation pays off.

All those, “Ive never seen that in a game before” doesn’t happen by mere accident.

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The coaches need a couple days off, but, hopefully Dan and the Defensive Coaches are back today trying to figure out how to fix this mess.

“ok coach…so we have 4th and 2 here on their 49…”

"oookay…so here we have 4th and 15 on our 35…’

“Fox wants to have more fake punts for him to throw the ball so he can get QB money”


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coaches need a couple days off

What the fuck for? Gimme some wins and you get days off. Seriously, if I catch the news saying Cambell is fishing today with Ragnow, drinking beer and whiskey, I’ll be pissed.

You sound like Matt Patricia. Dead serious.

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We will still have a gameday chat so we can imagine effed up ways to screw up plays and the game.


What makes you say I sound like Fat Matt? Him being a hard ass over stupid things?
I could see that.

Yeah, we can watch other games and attribute plays that don’t work to the Lions. As well as when the refs screw one of the teams.
Something like that?

There are no off weeks to SOL or Lions Fans


Bye Week 57 - Lions 12