C.J. Anderson 'done with ball' after failed Seahawks tryout

After a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks that didn’t result in him landing a contract, free agent running back C.J. Anderson tweeted that he is “done with ball.”

The 28-year-old appeared in two games for the Detroit Lions in September, gaining 43 yards on 16 carries, before he was released.

The Seahawks brought him in for a workout on Monday, but they instead signed two other running backs: Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin, neither of whom has appeared in an NFL game since October 2018.

Anderson took to Twitter later Monday to express his frustration with the business of the NFL.

First, with a string of laughing emojis, he tweeted, “Man oh man this is the reason why I’m done with ball. Performance base business huh”

He then added, “Well back to the plan for 2020 and super excited about changing my community with (my foundation).”

When a follower tweeted, “Total joke. All politics,” Anderson replied, "You don’t even know the half of It. It would be rude to all Seattle fans what they told me and my agent. Once again that’s the Game not Football there is a difference my friend. …

“Some of the people never have to experience the Game. I’m Happy for those people. Unfortunately I was the unlucky one who had to play the Game instead of football. All started back April 9 2017. The Football was no longer football for me. It became the Game after that.”

He was a member of the Denver Broncos in 2017.

Anderson began his career with the Broncos as an undrafted free agent in 2013, and he helped Denver win the Super Bowl after the 2015 season, rushing for 90 yards and a touchdown on 23 carries in the title win over the Carolina Panthers.

He spent five seasons in Denver, earning a Pro Bowl nod in 2014 and rushing for a career-high 1,007 yards in 2017.

In 2018, he appeared in nine games for the Panthers and two for the Los Angeles Rams, gaining a combined 403 yards and two touchdowns on 67 carries.


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Uhh, yeah – it is. Have you checked the stats from your last pro games??

Cry me a fucking river.

Yeah, he sure looked done when he was here.

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Why the Lions couldn’t see this when other teams including the Rams could? The Lions pro scouting needs to be one step ahead, not behind.


This is revisionist history, there is more to his not signing with LA than what you are suggesting.

Didn’t we try to sign the “other” backup RB from LA with a pretty aggressive offer?



Per an Mlive article from March 2019:

“Detroit has signed Malcolm Brown to an offer sheet, ESPN reported Tuesday. The Rams will now have five days to either match the offer or allow their fifth-year running back to head to Detroit. The Lions’ offer is for two years and $3.25 million with $1 million guaranteed, including $100,000 in the form of a signing bonus, TheMMQB.com reported.”

This guy didn’t do much more than a backup would do if you have another starting RB on the roster, but nothing impressive either.

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What I get from CJ’s tweets about playing and the game is that he wants to play (and collect checks) but doesn’t want to put in the work, relying more on his past stats than where he’s currently at physically and professionally.


Todd Gurley didn’t do much as the starter either.

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Well the Rams are a shell of their SB team last year, so yeah…

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Don’t you get it, every team needs a CJ running…the ball.