Cade has a stress fracture in his shin

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Just tanking for higher draft position. :wink:


As much as I like Cade, I’m not sure he will be the best player on the team in a couple seasons. His limited athletic ability and quickness makes him easily defendable IMO. I think Jaden Ivey will be the best player on the team in 2 seasons. I love his attitude approach to the game.

Well losing is stressful.

There have been a few all time greats that weren’t considered especially athletic: Bird, Duncan, and Doncic to name a few. Cade has that same ability to work and methodically get his shot off. He will be fine. Ivey should be great too. I like having versatility on the team. Cade is a very big guard who will be a mismatch most nights.

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Weaver needs to stop drafting pg with his 1st picks. Now we watch Hayes go 1-10 from the court. You all that we wont get pick one?

Hayes had a pretty nice game.

PG take 3 yrs to put it together. He is anbad shooter, no doubt, but he went 9 assists 0 turnovers.

Lindsey Hunter took 3 years.

TBH, Hayes is what Ben Simmons should have been, without the extra 4 inches of heigth . Hayes is pretty big for a PG.

If you look at it like that, that in that draft you got 3 rotation guys that will have solid NBA careers, its pretty good.

Of course Id rather have Halliburton, but I wanted Donovan Mitchell (as did everyone) but Stan Van Gundy’d us all with Luke Kennard.

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3 pgs in 3 drafts equal a issue. Cade as of now average. Hayes below. Ivey cant judge now, but i think he already is better then tge other two

It’s not Ifbanyama, it’s Whenbanyama :slight_smile:



The tank is in. Not like that fake tank team that plays down the street.

I wish I would’ve known this before I plunked down a 100 bucks for over 28.5 wins.

3 different flavors of ballhandler.

Who doesn’t like Neapolitan ice cream???

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