Caleb Williams…. This is why

I’m well aware of the fact that odds are against us getting him next year….

I also know special when I see it…. I was on team T Law, and still am, but even he isn’t Williams…

Bryce Young nor Stroud translate like Caleb, Mahomes, Burrow or T Law…. I agree the Mahomes greatness was missed by most… including me- coming into the league. In hindsight the size, speed, arm strength were all elite… stats too!

Levis has supposedly been really hurt all year, but he’s older and has the tools…

Bryce is a midget with average arm

Stroud looks out of sorts off schedule.

Richardson is a lesser Mike Vick.

None inspire me… Caleb and Drake both do


Rattler’s stock went up tonight. Crazy at one point he was protecting as a sure fire first rounder. He’s got some tools, but just hasn’t put it together

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Stars just didn’t align. If Williams had been there this year, well we’d probably have gotten him with only JAX ahead of us and TLaw already in the fold there. But even this year we will win too many games to be top 3. And next year we will have fewer beans and a better team so we will have missed our elite #1OA QB window. Oh well. Either draft a guy who might develop or ride Goff as far as you can go.

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The Lions really got shit luck not having the extra 1st next year. Williams is clearly a special talent, more upside than any player in this draft and now they won’t have enough ammo to trade up for him next draft.
Unfortunately, if the Lions are in the running for Williams next draft, this regime is a huge failure so I’d rather not get a shot at him in that case.


I’m on the Caleb Williams band wagon too. That kid can play.

He has more talent than anyone in the years draft and last.

He will likely go 1OA. So we will have to tank to get him.


They could trade away this years first for one next year


Yeah, I’m on that train as well. That throw down the sideline in the 2nd Quarter… wow. He makes good, QUICK decisions, and he’s money once he does. That throw to the TE was the worst I’ve seen him make all year. Im a fan

Depending on which team is drafting at number 1 in 2024, Lions could pull a LA Rams trade. Especially if that team already has a QB.

Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if he wins the Heisman.

I love him too, but if I had to place a bet today it would be on Drake Maye going #1. According to Brugler the NFL loooooves him.


This is all moot. We are signing Lamar Jackson in the off-season.


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this game was an anomaly. Rattler has been pretty bad his whole career and I don’t see one game putting him high on NFL teams radar. his old first round projections were based solely on his recruit ranking. Sure he will get drafted, I just don’t see him rocketing up any boards.

That’s what I’ve been saying. Our future backup may be in this draft, but, there is no sure fire franchise QB.


I think it’s a good draft to take someone in the 2nd or 3rd, see if the Lions can find their own Jalen Hurts. Then they’re not out too much if the guy doesn’t develop beyond a backup. With those top 15 picks though they need to keep building up the roster with guys who will start soon and make clear upgrades over what they have now. The glaring needs at DT, corner, and LB can’t all be pushed to the future.

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I’m totally sold on him, but like some posters have already said, if we’re in position to get him next year, we’ve either traded 3+ 1sts or this regime is a totam failure.

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D Maye is that guy. Can’t go wrong w either. If both are available though I’m taking Maye

Even without looking at the 2024 QBs I wanted to do what Air suggested if we don’t take a QB with one of our first two picks this year. Trade the early second for a first next year so we can setup a QB trade up if needed. I would love to trade a Goff and/or a Decker if we can get a fort of close to also add to the trade up stash, especially if we draft a LT with one of our two firsts this year.

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That’s my hope is that we trade down for a 1 next year. I’d love to land Williams or McCarthy.

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If we want to target him we can find the ammo.

We can trade one of our firsts or seconds for more ammo and then next year trade Goff for even more ammo.

The only real concern is if we can find a trade partner. We can find the ammo to do it.


They’re probably going 1-2. '24 has the potential to be a legendary QB class. It’s early and a lot of QB prospects get picked apart in their final year.

Caleb Williams reminds me of Aaron Rodgers.

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