Call me an idiot

that’s fine, the wife does all the time, sometimes for good reason. But I do think the Lions will rebound from 6-10 to 9-7 or better. Hard to say really, so many games are decided by only a few plays or calls by the refs. [Or non-calls.] And of course injuries, it’s a tough game and guys get hurt and if too many of them are key players then you’re kinda screwed.

BUT - I don’t see any position group right now being less than it was in 2018 when the season ended. That’s assuming Slay and Harrison show up, which I also think they will. With Snacks in there, our DL was one of the league’s better units, and adding Flowers and Bryant doesn’t hurt that. Adding Coleman and Melvin, who I think will have a good year cuz he’s playing for his next contract, and I see the secondary as improved, maybe a lot. Which leaves the LBs on defense, the only change there is the addition of Tavai, who may not offer a whole lot in his rookie year but does give you some depth there. I can see that D picking up where they left off as a damn good unit, maybe top 10.

On offensive side, it begins and ends with Stafford, he’s gotta have a better year than he did in 2018. Which I think he will cuz he’s got more and better weapons AND FINALLY a running game. Which did improve last year until they lost KeJo and Lang. I am convinced that CJA will be an upgrade over Blount, and I do believe that Riddick will rebound to have a better year, again cuz these guys have something on the line personally - the money in their next contract. Maybe Riddick is over the hill, like Quin was last year, and he ain’t going to get any better, or maybe he gets traded, we’ll see. Maybe ty Johnson steps up and wows everybody with that blazing speed.
Ragnow to Center and Glasgow over to Guard will improve the OL somewhat when it comes to run-blocking, I think. And so will using more 2TE sets and having Stafford under center more often. It’s about time the pressure on Stafford was reduced, both for his long term health and the team’s chances of winning more games. It sure helps to be in 3rd and 2 more often than 3rd and 12. Doesn’t hurt to have a better running game and a decent defense either.
The new TEs plus Amendola are going to have a positive effect on Stafford’s performance; hopefully the guy will have more plausible options than he did last year. So, all in all, I see a better team with a better chance to win more games than they lose. How many more? Who the hell knows, there are too many unknowns to make any kind of responsible prediction about that. I just believe this Lions team is a better one than last year’s version.



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LOL, Thanks a bunch! Figured there be more tho.

The only group I can confidently say I feel better about this year is the TE’s. I’d like to feel better about the DLine, but Harrison could hold out.
And that old saying about learning from history? I’ve learned. I fully expect this to be another 5 win season. Optimism no longer exists for Hum

Don’t mention it :wink:

I agreed with most of your post for the record. Just wanted to follow instructions!

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Idiot. Just for being a Lions fan.

That said, we lost games we shouldn’t have (Jets, 49ers), so I think “rebound” might be a little bit strong. Defense got way better toward the end of the year. I doubt if it gets worse.

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Naw, I can’t call you an idiot. At least not until we start the season 2-6.

The offensive line is my biggest concern. Are we moving Glasgow to the right side because we have no better option? I thought he played well at LG. Wagner has to bounce back, and hopefully Decker is fully recovered from his injury.

I’m thinking the Lions moved Ragnow to Center because he’ll be an upgrade over Glasgow there, primarily in the run game. Which of course means they moved Glasgow to one of the OG spots, I’m not sure which one he’ll end up at. And the other starting OG spot is basically up for grabs, maybe they aren’t too thrilled with Wiggins’ run-blocking at RG. Obviously they’re trying to improve the OL proficiency mostly with who they got, maybe it works and maybe we still have a hole at one of the OG positions. It’s pretty much my biggest concern too, but maybe the new personnel arrangements and some scheme changes will make a difference.

Defense should be fine. It all comes down to how quickly they pick up The new offense. It’s not just Stafford. New routes, blocking scheme may change a bit to fit into the new offense. Revamped TE room, offensive line has shuffled around a bit. Keeping the running backs healthy. There’s a lot of question marks on offense with all the changes. I’m cautiously optimistic, but only time will tell.

take the #10 defense and replace Ansah with Flowers, as well as another year in the system. I’m predicting a top 5 -ish defense

Offense may struggle early, as a result of learning a new system, but lots of quick routes, coupled with a run game. If we can manage to go .500 early in the schedule, this team could really surprise.

I’m calling for 10 wins and playoffs.


In a very traditional and basic sense, they moved Glasgow to RG because the right side of the OLine is the power side for your rushing game. The LT and LG are supposed to be the better pass blockers and the RG and RT are the better run blockers.

I think with Bevell, the Lions are gearing up to play more fundamental football in almost every sense. I think the plan all along was to give Ragnow a year of seasoning against Nfl competition, and then move him to Center which is why they drafted him. They see him like Alex Mack, a center who can become a 10 year staple. Then Glasgow is a very solid run blocker, so you use his strength to shore up the right side and replace Lang.

The LG spot is a weakness and an issue, but in this case they feel it can be smoothed over a bit and see whose up for the job. I wouldnt be shocked if our week 4 starting LG isnt on the roster yet… i think we snag a vet somewhere during cuts and give him a few weeks to get up to speed

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I think we’re improved as a team and with re to our depth. If we lose to Zona I would say 5 wins might be a stretch. If we win then it’s game on and 9 wins is a possibility. Still concerned about the OL and WR’s, just waiting to see how they run the new O.

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You are fine sir. It’s ok to hope, it’s part of being a fan. That said the key to this team’s success on offense is the running game IMO. If we can’t establish that I think it gives us an identity on offense that opposing teams have to game plan for. On defense the LBs are the biggest key to success for me.

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In a very general sense, yes, it’s the power side. Patricia went on to talk about that a bit in one of his last media sessions. (Which is our first clue that we might not fit that mold.)

Glasgow is not a power at anything, which is why he’s being moved, IMO. If he’s good at something, it’s movement. Just as it’s fair to say in a general sense that the right side is the power side, it’s also fair to say that the RG is who pulls most in some offenses as well (that is per TJ Lang in his 1st year here, btw, as he explained what traits of the RG spot would be ). I see Glasgow as a pulling Guard MUCH more than power.

Ragnow moves to Center because he has a much better anchor than Glasgow and will not instantly give up ground to the bigger DT/NT players.

Aboushi is a solid backup to Glasgow at the RG spot. So, yeah, Wiggins at LG again is troubling.