Call the date contest

I say we do a pool of when this regime gets fired and whoever gets it right splits the pot.

Who you splitting with?

Do I get 1/2 and the winner the other 1/2?

If so I’m in … lol


I’ll say Friday after our Thanksgiving game if we are sitting on just a couple wins.


I’ll say by high noon this Thursday October 8th

Jan 4th, 2021



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11.3.20 is my call

I’m going to Price is Right a few people here and say 1/6/2021.

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Oct.26, right after losses to Jax & Atl.

I certainly hope they do it before the trade deadline.

Quinn and Patricia will have no incentive to be sellers to improve the organization in the future. You need to try to trade Golladay and Stafford and any other halfway decent pieces at the deadline this year if you can. That will free up some salary space and provide the new GM with extra ammo in his 1st draft.

Trading Stafford will not provide any salary cap relief nor will trading Kenny.

The best course of action is to fire them then let the new GM make those decisions in the offseason.

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Yeah, that’s true…I don’t disagree.

I’m thinking of it from more of a “give the next guy a clean slate with as much money freed up as possible” perspective.

Not signing Kenny would permit that, but I thought trading Stafford would clear his (team friendly) salary from the books as well. My mistake - Guess I understood that incorrectly. Thanks for the correction.

I would fire them before they decide to trade them KG and Stafford for a couple of 5th rounders.

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In my opinion there is no point in having cap space unless you are going to have good players.

What player or players are you getting better than Kenny for his cap hit?

The cap is in good shape with or without Kenny and I don’t think a good GM wants cap space over good players.


I just always presume a GM wants to bring in his own guys and not inherit other GM’s “guys”, especially WR’s that cost $20 million annually.

It’s one thing if it’s Golladay, another if it’s Calvin imo.

If I’m taking over the Lions I’d rather have more draft picks + money to spend in my 1st year than a $20 million/year WR. It’s one thing if you’re taking over a good team, it’s another if you’re taking over a bad team. If you’re taking over a bad team, you likely want the cleanest slate possible, no?

But yeah, I get your perspective and wouldn’t say you’re wrong. To answer your Q though -

“What player or players are you getting better than Kenny for his cap hit?” - Answer - If I’m the GM I’m getting “my guys” and would rather have $20 million to go get them vs than a WR that I might not be that high on.

I don’t want Flowers, Golladay, Jamie Collins, etc on expensive, long term deals. I want to bring in my own guys and sign them to those deals. If I’m stuck with all of Quinn’s guys on expensive, long term deals the job is less attractive to me.

But, maybe that’s because I’d be a bad GM? lol

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man , no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.”

Mathew: 24:36 baby!!

Golladay isn’t an older scheme specific player I don’t put him in the same boat with Flowers and Collins.

He’s not as good as Christian McCaffrey but the 1st thing the new regime in Carolina did was pay him, same thing for Miles Garrett in Cleveland.

In my opinion that gets the locker room your side right away. If Kenny was old or a diva I get not doing it but he’s not.


Yeah man, I love Kenny. I wish they would have gotten the deal done before the season even started.

But, like you said, maybe this will be a great opportunity for the new regime to come in and make a good impression on the locker room by taking care of Golladay if they wish to do so.

I guess I just don’t want a lame duck GM signing any big contracts?

Regardless, I hope Golladay is here for years to come and it’d be great if it was the new GM that made it so.

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January 2022. We got numb nut owners. Give both of them a extra year, because of the virus.

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I keep checking the site hoping it will be today. Disappointed so far.

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