Call your Dr…

If this feeling lasts more than four hours they say?!

Nah……I’m gonna savor this for a minute, we don’t get to feel like this very often!!,

Props to Campbell and AG for keeping this group believing and playing their asses off!! (And I’m not an AG fan at all)

Could of easily of folded after the 1-6 start,That speaks volumes to the process moving forward!!

BTW, I didn’t here Thibedoux’s name once today……Just sayin :sunglasses:


The best advice I can give any Lions fan is to…enjoy the moment. Don’t overthink it. Don’t say “well akschually.” We don’t need that guy right now. That guy has been here for over 60 years and any longtime Lions fan has him programmed into the back of our heads. What we don’t have are people who will suspend disbelief and roll with the moment.

Enjoy the moment.


If this feeling lasts for more than 4 hours I’m calling a hooker not a doctor.


@Phunnypharm posted an awesome picture of him being taken out 1 on 1 by Brock wright I believe…

Football Sec GIF by Tennessee Athletics

I can’t get enough of this pic… :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Brock Wright is like… “Hey Tibbydough…”

Daddy Long Legs Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


How are we supposed to act if we win Thursday?


Hell yeah that’s it

Beautiful pocket for Goff

Personally, I don’t think I will ever forget the Gmen Oline standing there when we dropped everyone into coverage.
10 on 5. ■■■■■■■ brilliant!

That has been pretty common for Thibs so far in his rookie year. Its why I contrasted that to the guy who saw the Bears try to block Hutch 1 on 1 and said “that’s just stupid, why would you even think of doing that?”


And he had a beautiful INT today.

That dude is clutch

I wish I could think of something that rhymes with clutch to describe Hutchinson.

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Good play

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Somebody said Clutchinson in the thread

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