Calling lions offensive cordinator hot , hope he is not Jim Cooter

They are calling lions offensive cordinator hot , hope he dont end up like jim cooter , can you identify the difference

Who needs a leaky cooter when you got a big johnson?


Cooter was hot on year 1

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Goff makes everything tick.


Yeah, alot like my marriage…what?

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Season 10 Finale GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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This would really be a cool development. They’ve worked on game plan and plays together so the story was told.

I think johnsons erect will last 5 minute after his death . I think we can officially announce only afer that 5 minute. You are passing wrong information if you spread the news 5 minutes earlier , eventhough medically decleared

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I live for @espnbaby threads

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Cooter’s highs were never as high as Johnson’s. Also Cooter became very predictable after a handful of games.

Ben Johnson has been the least predictable offensive coordinator I have ever seen with the Lions.

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