Calvin is at it again

Yet another article on when/why/how Calvin departed the Detroit Lions. Is it 2017?

New owners, new coaches, 99% new front office and staff. He should be happy almost everyone that had anything to do with his retirement either got fired or died.


I’m so burnt out on Calvin. Seems he has to keep bringing stuff up. He loves attention


Come out of retirement now Calvin! I’m sure the new leadership will happily trade you to the Rams for a 1st rounder! Still only 35 years old! ha ha

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Except the bonehead that alienated Calvin (Dip$hit Wood).


There’s still a common thread that makes these decisions

Calvin was never a vocal team leader (totally ok), but the dude couldn’t even speak up for himself it seems. Until now when he, to me, just comes off as petty/jealous/money hungry(?). If you didn’t want to be here, then be a big boy and test the fa market? Nobody made him sign the extension that wasn’t team friendly (biggest non-qb contract at the time if I recall (very possibly wrong))

By his own admission now, his body wasn’t done and he still wanted to play. Just didn’t have the stones to demand a trade in public. So now it’s try to get back at the team?

He was undeniably good/talented/hard working - franchise changing (kind of)…gave me tons of good memories. But all he’s doing now is tarnishing it and making himself look silly, IMO.

Or am I missing it and he’s accomplishing something great now? Seriously - I know my love for the Lions can add blinders to my eyes.


How the fan base is blaming Calvin for these stories seems disconnected from how media works these days.

The hall of fame circuit heats up as well as his business venture , he’ll be in spotlight.

Media might stop asking him the questions
If Sheila doesn’t say how much she wants him back etc …, she can fix it or not but doesn’t need to keep saying they want him , while they know what he wants , and then fans act like he’s just going out of his way to make comments. Sheila did it too.

At any point lions could say we’ve moved on for now because we aren’t going to pay him back the money he didn’t earn.

I can’t believe how many die hard nfl fans we have that still don’t understand how much leverage a team who drafts a player has on their careers. I don’t think it’s really that comparable to many other contracts or jobs.

We don’t know the lions didn’t try to trade Cslvin but we know they didn’t. If they dug in on principal why is it a better look to end a careee early rather than cut your loses or re coup something in return ? It seems like a wasted use of resources.

We know they didn’t decide to end Matt’s career vs trading him. Would we have preferred Stafford retire if lions didn’t trade him ?

What team signs a WR to a 6 yr contract thinking they’ll be worth $24mil in season. 3 or 4 of the deal ?

I know what the media’s job is in these situations. My problem is that he always adds a new spin to it, to make Detroit look bad. When he retired he said his body was broken. Always a new twist with him

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Resentment… sucks the life out of the one with it, not who they are resentful towards…


He’s getting ready for the Hall of Fame, the media wants to interview him and they ask the questions, he’s not voluntarily bringing things up.

Calvin played 3 years on the extension for $15.25M per year . . . if he wanted to play hardball in 2012 when the extension was signed he could have gotten a lot more. Calvin retired in 2016 when was due a base salary of $16M. He retired and paid money back to the Lions, if he had wanted to, he could have made the 2016 off season a living hell for the Lions, but he took the high road when our Dip$hit president was so petty he asked for $1M back . . . even though he had a hall of fame career for the Lions and played three years on the extension (four total years).


lol, Freudian slip ?


Couldn’t thst be trying to keep it out of press ?
Maybe he thought lions would resolve it by now
And since some fans are questioning his character

He’s feeling like he wants more of his story out there

Especially when seeing Matt be accommodated in the exact sane way that Cslvin had hoped to be but was denied

It could be either way but I read it a little like that.

Calvin didn’t air it all out including correcting the amount the media initially reported as being returned. ( for a bitter guy , I don’t know why he’d let everybody think he paid $300,000 like media first reported when he paid $1mil ).

I agree with your take
Especially why lions fans should brace for more of it
Since the media and general nfl fans already sees lions as dysfunctional.

My question though is with new owner Sheila , they know whst Calvin wants and she says she wants it fixed , why it then isn’t already resolved. She might be busy , him too but this doesn’t seem to be that complicated if lions s truly want it to be good so

Thst makes me wonder is it more of this is a family how we operate things vs woods decision.

I think it would be fascinating to have the lions social media release a behind the scenes look at why and how the lions came to decide this was the best course of action for the team … no return for Calvin… rather have him out of league than in it. Why ? Who did it serve ? Was this how they planned it ? What they expected ?

It’s the weed talking.

4-20 Dancing GIF by megan motown

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While I understand the mindset of not trading Barry Sanders, I don’t feel the same way of Calvin Johnson. If the Lions could’ve received a 1st Rd pick and more, they should’ve have traded a 31 year old then present asset, with a lot of mileage,

for future assets. Granted, Quinn would’ve been doing the picking and probably would’ve screwed it up, but still, there’s an outside chance he might have gotten it right.


Would be sweet irony considering he didn’t want to play with Stafford and the finger-snapping rockets he would toss :joy:

Perhaps reporters should ask him different questions?


well now CJ is getting Stafford involved in saying snide things about The Lions.

I was more understanding when it was about his broken fingers and body breaking down.

Less understanding about him simply not wanting to play for the Lions anymore. They barely missed the playoffs that year on some crazy flukey games aka Seattle fumble out the endzone (by Calvin) and the Hail Mary from Rodgers. The year before they went 11-5.

IMO, Calvin will never by okay with what happened because what his real issue seems to be is quitting when he didn’t have to quit. .


Never understood why the Lions could trade Stafford but never Barry or CJ??