Calvin Johnson claims Lions made him change story about concussion

Also admits to using the Charles Rogers method of pain relief after every game. (Can’t say I blame him.)

I haven’t used the Charles Rogers method in 25 years. Its just not something that interests me, even though damn near all of my friends do. That being said, if I were to invest in the business side of it like Calvin did…you better believe I’m telling everyone I’m like a chimney with that stuff! “Yeah man, do it all the time. Can’t get enough of it!!!”

Something tells me he’s a legitimate client.

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I wish CJ would just go away!
He acts like a little whiny bitch!
Glad the Lions kept the $$$ from him as well


Although I totally understand where you’re coming from, I’m guessing the outlet asked HIM to do the interview.

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I figured as much. But I’ve heard alot of players who say the same thing, they smoked alot while playing. Its one of the reasons why I get a chuckle out of those who go apeshit over the NFL’s policy on weed. Its just an addict test is all it is. First, if you are suspended it means you’ve been caught several times over a relatively short period of time, not just once. And the players are told when the test is coming. And once you pass, they do not give you surprise tests. You are literally good to go until next year around the same time.

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I used to worship the ground CJ walked on… at this point the whiny CJ just needs to shut up and fade into oblivion… and hope he doesn’t get voted into the HoF… cuz that’ll just be too awkward…

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“It’s an idiot test. Just get a Whizzinator XXX1.”

~ Onterrio Smith

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As far as drugs for pain relief go, my now elderly mother had a slip and fall in the food processing plant she worked in the 80s. She had two failed back surgeries leaving with titanium rods in her back and she still had severe chronic pain. She was on a morphine patch for 15 years. Then they put her on fentanyl. She has been mostly bed-ridden for many years.

Just before last Christmas she slipped and fell again in the bathroom, breaking her hip and arm. So more surgery. But when she got transferred to the rehabilitation unit to get her walking again, she starting taking CBD oil. And she got weaned off the fentanyl and now takes nothing for pain. She even quit smoking after 50 years of it. She’s far from pain free but she’s way more lucid now that she’s off the heavy dope, happy and much more mobile.

Oh, and my last visit home I checked her sleeping pills. They have her taking 15mg of zopiclone (similar to benzos) daily. Holy crap. She weighs like 105 pounds. I was prescribed 7.5 mgs for a bout of insomnia and advised to break each tab in half. I’m 180 lbs. Mom’s dose would definitely make her woozy, and she fell on a bathroom trip in the middle of the night. What are these doctors thinking?

So ironic how demonized cannabis has been while billions are made off opioids and their synthetics. As bad as it was, that second fall was the best thing to happen to her in decades.

The NFL should get around to waking up on this front too.


Well said. And sorry about your mom. Glad she’s feeling better on CBD


I read that article and I hear a guy who is jaded. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder about the NFL and the Lions organization.

It’s sad really that so many NFL players feel this way. They are heavily paid and it’s clearly not enough. There’s a clear separation between players, and the NFL.

I have to wonder what drives the separation.


I agree. You would think there would be some gratitude to an organization that drafted you and gave you millions as a marquee player


The NFL is plenty “woke” to the issue. They have positioned themselves very well. They get to appear to actually care about it, while at the same time only addicts get in trouble for it. You can smoke all you want most of the year. Then every year at the same time during the offseason, you stop for a little bit. Then once the test is over, you go right back to it until the following year. There are zero random tests unless you fail the test you knew was coming. And you only get suspended if you keep failing tests.

Its an addict test, plain and simple.

I mean they should be actively exploring prescribing it over other pain drugs when possible, instead of handing out percocet like candy. It’s typical NFL style now, sweep it under the rug and turn a blind eye instead of actually solving a problem. Except for telling refs to throwing lots of yellow rags, they’re proactive on that front. Really, they need to fix a lot of things. I don’t think Roger is the man to do it either. They need a new face and a new start IMO.

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So you want the NFL to go out and actively violate federal law?

I’d like to see them publicly support cannabis to be prescribed for pain - and prescribe now in the jurisdictions where it’s legal. But I’m not sure how many congress critters are getting donations from the cannabis industry. I’m sure it’s growing greener lol. But a drop in the bucket compared to what they’re getting from pharma interests I’m sure.

The timing is perfect with the hillybilly heroin crisis going on. But then again, the US Justice Dept. is just like the money-grubbing NFL in many ways when it comes to drug laws. Hypocritical and focused on the money. Campaign donations and departmental budgets trump common sense.

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I don’t smoke it myself, makes me have this kind of experience last time I tried it. :slight_smile:

Well CBD is now federally legal now I believe


Petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry teamed up on it. Bribed politicians and spread propaganda flavored with racism.

It was lovely.

Marijuana could have beaten the propaganda alone, but getting the govt involved kept it down.

This is (one reason) why you can’t trust government. Monopoly on the use of force.

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Well, sort of. That which is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill. (Politicians looking for palm grease from farmers). oh, and you need a license (and pay the license and registration fees)…