Calvin Ridley

Calvin Ridley (personal) remains away from the team Wednesday.

As expected. Ridley was a surprise late scratch Sunday morning and then announced he was taking a personal leave to focus on his mental health. This is the last update we’ll do on Ridley until something new happens, so consider Ridley out for Week 9 against the Saints.

Something is clearly going on here, and it may not be related to his situation in Atlanta. If it is related though, and he wants out, should we be interested in the off-season? I for one would definitely be interested as he has shown the capability to be a legit #1 guy. I would not give up anything more then the Rams first rounder or our 2nd rounder as there has been some inconsistency and health issues there, as well as the need to sign him to a massive contract extension. He is only 26 however and I would rather do that then gamble on drafting a guy who may or may not work out.

He’s probably out of the game for a while if not forever…

I’m loving this seemly new trend of players understanding they will not find peace within themselves when the focus is external and on material things and the adulation of others to feed thier self esteem….

Love it!


As a lions fan and from the perspective of a fan that has seen the complete absence of help for players dealing with real issues on our team… like Titus Young (Bipolar Disorder) Charles Rogers (Addiction), it amazes me that people will just right this off, saying he’s not mentally tough enough or something dumb along those lines.


I don’t know anything about Ridley, but hopefully he gets the help he needs. Good for him for reaching out and getting help before somehow endangering others.

There is definitely a stigma attached still. More people are recognizing that playing a brutal sport in front of millions of people is a very unnatural thing to do, with ramifications for your brain health, whether it’s physical or emotional damage.


Agreed, getting smashed in the head for a living comes with some unfortunate consequences. And then you log on to social media and it’s nothing but hate for most of these players unless they are successful. It would have been much easier to be a player pre internet.


Frankly, I think it’s just the opposite. It takes a hell of a lot more mental toughness to face your demons, than to pretend they don’t exist.


Pleasantly surprised by this thread. Haven’t seen any of the typical meathead replies calling him weak or a puss. Nice to see how far the needle has moved socially, as far as mental health goes.

On a side note, my Dad is known for having terrible luck in fantasy football. He had Calvin Ridley and Henry Ruggs on his team. On top of that he tried to cut Ridley and accidentally cut Dawson Knox. Rough 24 hours.


Well said @LionFrog. It takes courage to face your demons. So many people I know and love just hide them and sweep them under the rug and never face them.

We might not agree on Goff, but I couldn’t agree more with you on this one.


I wish your dad was in my league with those skills, lol!

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You just did

I have not read anything about what Ridley has said. I don’t think anything has been said. I hope it’s what you say, but thus far w/o proof, it’s projection. he could be depressed, a furious 10x/day masturbater, Borderline, CTEish, hooked on dip or using mental health as a dodge to be paid while sitting out games as some kind of protest. Any of these are possible. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.


Why do you have that on a list of problems?

Asking for a friend.



Perfect reply from Doctor Love

Shhh… dude, I told you I’d ask him. You’re going to out yourself.

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I wish. My wife is at home all day with me since Covid made the house ‘our’ office.

Sorry Season 2 GIF by Everything's Gonna Be Okay

According to reports, Calvin Ridley could want a “fresh start,” and the Detroit Lions could be just the right spot for him.

By Ryan Mathews@Ryan_POD Jan 7, 2022, 7:30am EST


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NFL: OCT 22 Giants at Falcons

With one game remaining on their schedule, the Detroit Lions have won just two—and a half—games to kickstart their latest rebuild. And sure, yeah, there have been a handful of games where this Lions team has been totally blown out by the competition. But in his first season as head coach, Dan Campbell has done more than enough to help even the most skeptical Lions fan see that this team is headed in the right direction.

The Ringers Kevin Clark wrote at length about how NFL teams have a serious problem in hiring the right head coaches and general managers for the job. Near the end of his piece, Clark shares what seems to be something anecdotal, but happened to resonate with someone who just watched this season of Lions football.

“A few months ago, I ran into an owner of a successful NFL team at a league event,” says Clark. “We got to chatting and he mentioned that he was starting to believe the only sustainable competitive advantage in football was culture. Everything else can be replicated or figured out; culture cannot because it’s freaking hard to build.”

Earlier in the article, Clark talks about how NFL teams often overcorrect when bringing in a new executive or head coach to replace the one on the way out, and that couldn’t be any truer about the Lions when they chose the culture-oriented Campbell to replace the disciplinarian Matt Patricia.

What Campbell—along with general manager Brad Holmes—have implemented and accomplished in Detroit during their first season is nothing short of impressive for that very reason: the culture in Detroit has changed for the best. The Lions are one of those NFL teams whose overcorrection was calculated, measured, and very much successful in year one.

This is just the beginning of the Detroit Lions rebuild, but after one season, it’s well underway, and it’s clear players will play for Campbell and his incredibly talented group of coaches. Now it’s a matter of getting the right players through those doors in Allen Park.

Recently, Steve Wyche of NFL Network was on the “Dukes and Bell” show, 92.9 The Game Atlanta. According to Wyche, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley could be looking for a “fresh start” from his team—and the team, reportedly, feels the same way.

The language from Wyche here is pretty loose and is predicated on the old adage that silence can be deafening. There isn’t any part of his report that speaks definitively about the situation between Ridley, the Falcons, or even where Ridley is at in getting himself back to the best possible version of himself now and for the future.

During Week 8 of the 2021 season, Ridley announced on Twitter that he was stepping away from football to focus on his mental wellbeing, and he remained away from the Atlanta Falcons for the remainder of the season on the non-football related injury reserve list. With the news of him and the team each considering fresh starts, the market for a player of Ridley’s caliber will be full of suitors, but the Detroit Lions have the draft capital—and the need—to bring the talented wideout into the fold.

Ridley, the Falcons’ 2018 first-round pick, has been a productive player for Atlanta since he first stepped on the field. In his rookie season, Ridley caught 64 passes for 821 yards and 10 touchdowns—good for sixth in the NFL—and he followed that up with an impressive sophomore campaign—63 catches, 866 yards, and seven touchdowns. His third year in the league saw him breakout as one of the top receivers in the league. Among receivers with at least 50 percent of 193 snaps in 2020, Ridley ranked first in average depth of target (15.4 yards), fifth in yards per route run (2.44), and fifth in yards per reception (15.3).

Detroit has a breakout player in rookie receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, but take a look around the NFL, the haves separate themselves from the have nots at the wide receiver position. St. Brown is absolutely a piece to the winning formula in the NFL, but if Holmes and Campbell jumped at an opportunity to add Ridley, the Lions could instantly turn a position group still very much a work-in-progress into a solidified position of strength and depth if the team returns Josh Reynolds and Quintez Cephus gets healthy.

For a player like Ridley potentially looking for a fresh start, this Lions team could offer the opportunity to join a team currently feeling good about its own reboot that’s off the ground and running. As mentioned, Detroit has draft capital which includes the Los Angeles Rams’ next two first-round picks in 2022 and 2023. The most comparable deal in recent memory is the price the Cleveland Browns had to pay for Odell Beckham Jr. during the 2019 offseason—a 2019 first-round pick (13th overall), a 2019 third-round pick (95th overall), and safety Jabrill Peppers. Now, Beckham Jr. had five 1,000-plus-yard receiving seasons and three Pro Bowl selections to his name by the time he was traded just before the age of 27—his profile and accomplishments were a notch above where Ridley’s currently situated. Also, something to keep in mind, Beckham Jr. had signed a five-year, $90 million contract seven months before he was dealt to Cleveland while Ridley has just the fifth-year option of his rookie contract remaining on his current deal (worth $11 million guaranteed). It feels like the Rams’ first-round selection this year could be a solid foundation to start negotiations and put the Lions in pole position amongst other suitors.

Some might view that as a cost too rich for the Lions to pay for a receiver who has stepped away from the game of football to get himself right mentally, and out of sync with the assumed timeline for Detroit to be a competitive football team, but if Ridley wants to play, we know he’s a player—and a damn good one, too. Detroit needs players like Calvin Ridley to take the next step in their rebuild, and maybe Ridley needs a team and culture just like the one being built in Detroit to get that chance to start over.

A guy like him instantly adds credibility to our offense and take it to the next level. I understand everyone wants a rookie due to the cheap cost, but odds are whatever WR we draft never reaches the heights on Calvin Ridley. Going into this year he was one of the favorites to lead the league in receiving yards and was widely considered a top 10 WR. He is one of the best deep threats in the league, a fantastic route runner who creates seperation with ease, and can be dangerous after the catch. He is not a 50/50 guy though, but as previously pointed out, Goff has never had a 50/50 guy before so who knows how well he would fit anyway.

IMO, Ridley is the perfect fit for what this offense needs and I believe the culture Dan is building here would be good for a guy that has had some mental struggles.

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Also, you very get a player like him as cheap as he will be. Not only will the draft compensation be cheaper then normal because of sitting out for most of the season because of his mental wellness, but he is not coming off a moster year so if we would extend him he isn’t going to break the bank. The top guys are getting 20mil+ a year. My guess is Ridley would sign for the 16mil a year range. That would look like a major discount in two years when the cap has skyrocketed.

As long as he’s on a totally incentive-laden deal (which I suspect will be the case with any team he signs with at this point), I’m all for it.

I have no issue with Ridley doing what he needs to do to get himself right. Too many people don’t when they absolutely should, and we all know the results (see AB for just the latest example). But this is still a business. He offers a lot of upside, but it would need to be an “upside-focused” contract that pays him like a star WR if he’s able to line up, and protects the Lions if he’s not.

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