Camp Battles

Just curious to see what training camp battles you guys are most excited about. I’m really excited to see our defensive line vs our offensive line specifically where hutch is gonna line up. Hutch vs Sewell should be entertaining.


Okudah vs Chark. Okudah will be targeted more often than a Russian tank convoy…we need to know if he will be able to play


I’m super-curious about what Hutch can do. Him vs either of our tackles would be the first thing I’d look at.

Curious about damn near every position on Defense, as well as …friggin DYING to see what J-W can do!


Super excited about J-W as well. Teams will have to decide between keeping single high safety and defending the run or keep 2 high safeties and defend against the speed of J-Will. Pick your poison


Can’t wait to see our OL pounding their asses in the run game. I think our OL will wear some folks out.

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Hope he has a Javelin in his Jersey to prevent 50-yd bombs !!!..



Is that a Javelin in your uniform, or are you just happy to be playing?


Penei vs Aiden…hands down the spiciest matchup all of training camp.

21 year old Penei ‘slobber barked’ all up in All-Pro Aaron Donald’s face. No Fear!

Aiden is the rookie now, #2 overall pick with a load of pressure and expectations on his shoulders. Rookies get tested real fast.

It’s going to be clash of Titans with an overload of testosterone.

I envision them fighting like brothers all training camp. Pushing, shoving, and maybe a fist or two. But when the dust settles, they will respect the heck out of each other and have a real brotherly love for one another.

As Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another.


I think we’re going to surprise some teams and get that 4th quarter win. I’m glad this see staff knows how to build the team from the inside out

Totally interested in seeing the elite hand usage between the 2 of them.

nia lovelis casey moreta GIF by Hey Violet


Hutchinson has a lot of moves he can beat you with. He can beat you standing or hands in the dirt as well. I’m really excited to see that matchup.

Other matchups would be our offensive line/defensive line and wide receiver/cornerback matchups. Wide receiver is a much improved position and our corners are young and hungry. Should be fun!

Who gets left standing when they give out chairs to the WRs who make tue final cut….

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Johnson vs Glenn. Which unit comes out of training camp looking better?

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This is what I want to see.


No chance of him overpowering Sewell. I’d be shocked.

(Happily shocked).


He has a good bull rush but I don’t think he will be able to overpower Sewell either. I think he will try though to test himself. However, I think Sewell may get beat by his more technical moves at times. Either way I think both of these players are going to learn and grow together. Looking forward to watching it for the next few years.

Hutchinson also knows how to be sneaky with his bulrush. You think he’s going to come in and do something technical and he all of a sudden goes low and bulrushes you. What I like about Hutchinson is you don’t really know how he’s going to rush a passer on a snap by snap basis.


This is where I expected this thread to go.

Who is battling to make the roster or win a starting job?


We need Levi to show something. Hoping he does well against our interior OL. They will be a good test for him. He was truly awful last year, and we need all this talk about him coming back in great shape to translate on the field.

We sure seem to be placing a lot of confidence in him turning it around. From a coaches stand point anyway.

I personally have some serious reservations. He played very poorly last year. His athleticism showed but that’s about it.

If our defense is to play well we need several players to really shine this year. Okudah and Levi especially.


If okudah and levi do perform this defense takes a significant step forward. Add in hutchinson etc maybe the defense wont be as bad as most feared. If rodriguez can be as good as some here think he can look out. The hope i have for levi is from some of the flashes i saw, albeit they were very infrequent, but also if he truly was injured and obviously out of shape he needed to get his body right. All accounts are that he has done that so lets see what he has. Oh and the “attacking” front should suit him better as well.

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