Camp starts soon

Dark horses to make the final roster. Pick three to make it.
And, pick the three who are losing their spots. Kind of goes hand in hand I think.
First one: Anthony Adams takes out Charles Washington and Killebrew for the last safety spot.

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Number two: The Lions carry five receivers Kearse loses out to Fulgham.

Number three: Malik Carney takes a spot, Jalen Reeves Maybin hits the wall.

Lastly, I’d like to say the Lions will trade one OL for a player. They will trade or release a RB, bye Theo. I’d like to see Johny Duhart, Malik Carney and Beau Benzschawel make it.


Would love to see us trade for a legit NFL starting caliber OG

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I would like to see Crosby beat out Wagner, quietly. Like in the Lions’ coaches minds. it would open up possibilities, like Benzschawel making the team. The team trading Wagner for a piece.


Can I bring s’mores to camp?

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Is Wagner worth anything via trade?

I’m thinking, if we trade anyone, it may be from our DTs. We actually have talent and depth there.

Feels like Patricia wants us to be a Defensive squad though. May not be willing to negotiate there. One more draft and we upgrade some OL, LB, and WR, and we may be in business.

I dont think WR is as bad as a lot of you guys do. I think TE will compensate heavily for our lack of depth there.


It’s funny because I’ve gotten “downvoted” for pointing out that our current receiving group is one of the best that we’ve had in the past 15-20 years. And that’s not suggesting that this group is awesome. I say it jokingly, with it being extra funny because it’s true. But I also like to use it to point to current Lions fans who all of a sudden are pessimistic as fuk about our receivers, after several decades of optimism. THIS is the receiving core you suddenly find so damn inadequate? Really?


I have hopes that Powell can learn a lot from Amendola, and possibly be part of the future of the organization. We have a few guys where we haven’t seen their ceiling, along with Golliday who is awesome, and Jones, who is very solid (if he can stay healthy).

Not a bad group. Health will be their big X-factor, IMO.

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Sell me on them Wes. I’m afraid Marvin has hit his ceiling. I like him, but he’s not a scary number 1 IMO. More likely Golliday is the 1. Once again, I like him, but would love to see him being a 2.
Amendola, going to need some serious used car salesman to not have me believing he’s toast.
I’m spoiled I guess. The years of CJ, followed by Golden Tate (who I always had a massive bulge in my pants for), and when you mixed in Nate and Titus (or what could’ve been Titus), also Roy and Furrey and Bolden…yeah, I’m concerned with the group.

I am not sold on these WR
Golladay, Jones, Amendola and who?
Kearse, pfffft. Selling Swampland there.
Andy Jones, Tommy Lee Lewis, Chris Lacy, Travis Fulgham, Johny Duhart, the Kennedy guy. Well past Amendola, I am not convinced.

I will grant you with Hockenson, James, Kerryon and more, How far do you go way from three wideouts? But Amendola’s injury history puts him in question, nobody else has the resume.
Personally, I like the Old Dominion connection.

So I have to SELL you on the idea that Marvin Jones is better than John Standeford? Really?

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Haha. Nope. But you have to sell me a couple 2’s not being concerning. Standeford sucked. But I’d still feel better with Standeford and Calvin. Or Durham and Calvin. Or a target dummy and Calvin.

Having a true #1 makes the offense predictable. Having a bunch of good receivers who can do a variety of things makes the offense versitle and unpredictable. Remember how people said Stafford would suffer from losing CJ? He did better with a group of WRs that were complimentary players, not dominant #1 guys.


My opinion is that this team has the potential to make the playoffs, and even win the North. BUT - they gotta stay relatively healthy, especially their key guys. It’s a deeper team than in years past IMHO, but this team needs to catch a break injury-wise. The other thing is, they gotta stop making the mistakes that cost you ballgames: the TOs, the drops, the errant throws, penalties, missed blocks, blown coverages. Good teams do not beat themselves, and that’s something the Lions have to stop doing.


Absolutely, positively. He was last year, he’ll be so this year. Jones is a more than capable #2, and we have a ton of options in the slot, including some actual TE depth this year. After those top two, we don’t have anyone amazing, but I don’t think we need them to be. And we’ve got lots of comfortably capable depth, so I’m okay with that.


PS Bring Back Germane Crowell

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In are Carney and Lamar. Out are Killebrew and JRM. My other “out” is Logan Thomas. They’re giving him a shot, but I don’t think he’s gonna make it.

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