Campbell believes it’s important to finish 2021 strong Lions HC was upbeat on how “the team is trending the right way now.”

Campbell might be quite the recruiter when it comes to FAs:

former NFL center Shaun O’Hara had high praise for Campbell’s leadership: “I love listening to you talk, I would love to play for you. You bring all kinds of passion to the team, to the game, and I love your leadership.” Campbell joked that he would have loved to play with O’Hara because “you got Super Bowls, man!” (the GMFB co-host played 11 seasons for the New York Giants and was part of the 2008 Super Bowl Championship team).


too bad everybody left on the team went on injured-covid-exploed butthole-reserve this week

And we can still win it and that in of itself is scary cool!!

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