Campbell confirms he called plays today

I thought it didn’t go well.

He figured out how to protect the ball, protect Goff, minimize Goffs role in the offense and utilize Swift.

In a 37 degree rainstorm.

Dudes need to step back a hot minute.

They do have to however burn that misdirection blind turn TE screen. That is a giant shitshow of a play


…which is amplified by Goff’s decision making. Holy shit he’s bad.


We didnt lose in his first week calling plays. Im good with it lol


Meathead becomes an offensive guru.

I can’t believe how hilariously awful this has all become.


Away game outside on grass bad, weather, they didn’t lose. When has that ever happened?

He completely took our best offensive weapon out of the game plan.

What did Hockenson have like 2 targets in 5 quarters?

I mean that was genius.

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But seriously, can we just agree that Dan needs to go? Please?


Just for your own sanity u better get used to Dan because he has what - a 6 year contract? Hes not going anywhere anytime soon, even if we are bad next year too.


Contracts don’t mean anything in the NFL.

Just ask Jon Gruden.

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Because Jon Gruden got fired for his record this year…

Seriously u should get used to Dan being the HC because he is going to be here for 3-4 years minimum.

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Do you know anyone who can hack the emails at Allen Park?


Dan Campbell has shown enough for me to see he’s a solid guy to have on your coaching staff, but certainly not Head Coach material. Obviously they are giving him at least next season to prove otherwise, but I hope they’re ready to pull the plug after that

Critical point to me when when Nelson got hurt and they had to go away from that Jumbo package w/ 2 tackles and 2 TEs … they couldn’t stop us. Dan just kept running it down their throats.


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I think the best news that comes from this is he had to look down at the play sheet…think about our personnel…and say to himself “oh shit.” He will be pushing hard for offensive weapons next offseason. If Holmes tries to add more offensive lineman or defensive players, Dan will throat punch him if he doesn’t include wEaPoNZ.

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Is that Weas 25 years ago? lol

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I think it’s irrational to think a coach has shown enough in any direction to know they are or arent the guy only half way through one season with the worst roster in the league.