Campbell postgame presser

Dan on being asked what’s wrong with the defense: “well, we’re clearly lacking confindence there”

Why in the fuck is the D lacking confidence?!! Isnt that Dan and companys job to instill confidence? Getting real tired if this “it’s on me/us” bullshit…

Not sure how anyone can see this as trending well and in a positive direction.


I am also lacking confidence in them so at least me and the players are on the same page lol


LoL. He couldn’t say anything that would keep those who are committed to bitching from bitching. Guarantee you that


Nah, there are times when non-answer, coach speak is best…this was one of those times.


Agreed. What else do you want him to say?


Also the non answer stuff I guarantee will be addressed behind closed doors. The defense is an issue and it will be addressed I’m sure. Whether that changes anything, we’ll see


I’d rather hear “well we have alot to work on, next question”, I’m very tired of Lions coaches saying it’s on them and they’re not doing good enough, it literally never ends well and is the same damn movie over and over…it’s also what Patricia would say after his defense got gashed and look how that turned out. Not a good trend.

I hear ya man

What was it Bobby Ross said- “I don’t teach that shit”

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Yep, and he was shortly retired from football forever thereafter…gj Lions.

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pad level

Our shovels are sharp and our grit is stronk


I don’t know man … D was the issue in the first three games, and nothing changed. Not sure what is different now.

I like your confidence it will be addressed though. You would think giving up 50 points and 555 yards AT HOME to Geno fricken Smith would prompt change.

27 first downs for Geno Smith.

9 yards a play for Geno Smith.

Let that sink in and simmer for a minute.

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What does bro Koski have to do with this?

I’m just worried about the offense starting to tank seeing how bad the D is and losing hope. That’s where Dan needs to keep the offensive spirit alive to keep us in games cuz the rest of the games will continue to be shoot outs

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the bar is high

Aaron Glenn should show up on a Harley this week.


I don’t want this guy to end up like Rod Marinelli 2.0. I really don’t. But…I’ve got to see it translate to wins.


JimRod Schwartzinelli